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Ahliyyah Mutran Schools




Dr. Alice Abboud Farwagi

Teacher Team


Ahliyyah Mutran Schools


Role Model for Holistic Education

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Inner Home

Offering a holistic education that addresses the whole person: body, mind and spirit, imbued with humane values of respect, humility, integrity, compassion, justice and empathy.

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Local Home

Providing a school for life, that embraces its origins and sets its vision firmly for the future, as an environment that challenges students to grow in a caring environment.

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Earth  Home

Empowering young people to become engaged citizens and responsible individuals by engaging with all facets of life, for today and for future generations.

Short Profile

The result of 90 years of continuous development, Ahliyyah and Mutran Schools are pioneers in transformative education for building society. The schools go beyond academic learning to become a living organism where teachers, students and parents work together, where culture flourishes and communities thrive.

Integral Model to Whole-Systems Change

Integral Model Kumusha


The curriculum is rooted in the values of an Arab heritage and is informed by a deep respect for human dignity, service and ingenuity. It provides emancipatory education, catalyses community engagement and innovates models of inclusive education.


Ahliyyah Mutran continues to graduate students who are motivated, driven and guided by the power of their dreams to collectively create change and build a safer and more peaceful world. They strive to remain a home for hope and love and a horizon for exploration.

Fields of Activity

Transformative Education, Youth for the Future

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