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Our Earth home is on fire. Human civilisation needs transformation.
Our future depends on our humanity  ... and the call of our time is to come home!

Home for Humanity is an inclusive movement for planetary regeneration.​

We activate the power of our homes

to pioneer personal, local, societal and planetary renewal.


Together, we strive to transform our divided world into a united, inclusive, regenerative, just and peaceful home for humanity and the diversity of life on Earth.

Earth citizen by Earth citizen, home to home, culture by culture, and country by country, we can co-create Home on Earth.

How on Earth do we Co-Create Home on Earth?

We catalyse the power of Home

... of the INNER HOME of our humanity,

to fulfil our unique purpose and potential as agents of transformation. 


... of the LOCAL HOMES we live and work in,

to make them integral pioneers of personal, local and societal regeneration.

... to serve the one EARTH HOME we share, 

drawing on the wisdom and innovations of every geography, culture and country to shape together an inclusive and regenerative future for the indivisible family of life on Earth.

This is the transformative work of the Home for Humanity Movement for Planetary Regeneration, active locally and globally, on all continents.


A Planetary Collaborative of global Civil Society Organisations

partnering in the One Home Journey and One Home UnivEARTHsity, initiated by the Home for Humanity movement, to build together a regenerative future for all life on Earth. 

A Movement of Homes for Humanity organisations

grounded in their local cultures, collaborating across all continents, whose members pioneer inclusive, innovative and transformative solutions for their communities and for the Earth. 

The One Home Journey 2024-2030

is a seven year collective future-building expedition to all 195 countries on Earth, to transform our divided world into a united home for humanity and the diversity of life on our Home Planet.

"Join the single most important movement in present human history!" 
Prof. Jean Houston, world famous visionary, Co-Chair, Home for Humanity

A Glimpse into our Exemplary Homes for Humanity and Global Activities

The One Home UnivEARTHsity 

is co-created, on-the-go, by Homes for Humanity and Earth Citizens, as the One Home Journey unfolds. It interconnects pioneers into one local-global Earth Campus for Future Building.

Screenshot 2024-04-12 at 15.10.49.png
Screenshot 2024-04-12 at 15.15.55.png
Screenshot 2024-04-19 at 15.03.05.png
Screenshot 2024-04-19 at 15.32.09.png

Enjoy the exhilarating ONE HOME ANTHEM featuring Homes for Humanity worldwide. 
Composed, performed and produced by the outstanding musician-activist Tatiana Speed, this song was gifted to the world to support the One Home Journey, and to nurture Home for Humanity’s culture of gifting for shared abundance.

If you feel called, make your unique gift to build our shared Home on Earth.


One Home Journey - 2024-2030:

An Invitation by the Home for Humanity Movement & Planetary Partners

Welcome and Overview Video with Professor Alexander Schieffer and Dr. Rama Mani,

the Co-Founders of the Home for Humanity Movement for Human Flourishing

and Planetary Regenerations and Co-Initiators

of the One Home Journey 2024 to 2030 - 7 Years for 7 Generations.

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