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Our Earth home is on fire. Human civilisation needs transformation.
Our future depends on our humanity...

... and the call of our time is to come home…


... to the inner home of our humanity,

to realize our purpose and potential as agents of transformation. 


... to the homes we inhabit,

to make them seedbeds for ecological and societal regeneration.


... to the Earth home we share, 

to uphold each culture and lifeform for its unique contribution to an inclusive Earth civilization. 


Together, we can transform our divided world  

into a united home for the indivisible family of life.

This is the mission of Home for Humanity.

Hillside landscape

About: Home for Humanity

Image by Javier Miranda

Home for Humanity Movement for Planetary Regeneration initiates the ONE HOME JOURNEY (2023 to 2030)

together with Global Partner Organisations

Vital Updates

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The One Home Journey

is a collective future-building expedition to all countries on Earth

to transform our divided world into a united home for humanity

and for the diversity of life on our Home Planet

- Discover More - about the One Home Journey

Aerial Forest


Transforming our Collective Vision into a New Reality

Our sequence of  Transformative Programmes

invites us all to co-author a new story to Co-Create Home on Earth

Join the Journey!


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The collective journey to build a shared Earth home begins with a single home – 

grounded in an integral philosophy and a regenerative way of life.

The integral home mirrors the wholeness of life: a life sanctuary, an earth community, a cultural ARTelier, a living-learning laboratory, and an enabling launchpad to enact transformation in alliance with others for our shared future.


2020 10 H4H Humanity Quest Group in Tent

The journey requires each of us to quest our true humanity:  to embark on a transformative enquiry to discover the inner home of who we truly are, and to experience the unity intrinsic to our humanity: within ourselves, with others and with the totality of life.

Rooted in our inner home, we give new meaning and purpose to our lives to respond to the call of our times, and to contribute our unique gifts to the world. 


2020 Veronica Pritchard Kelly 'If You Ar

Rooted in our inner home, we unleash the potential of the homes we inhabit – and the organizations we serve  – to become seedbeds for the regeneration of nature and society. From the simplicity of our current living space, however modest - a hut, refugee camp or bungalow - we restore caring relationships between all beings sharing our Earth home. As Homes for Humanity connected across continents, we become a joint force for planetary renewal.



As we revive our relationships to nature and each other from our own homes, we imitate nature’s creativity by unleashing our own, and we seek out other cultures to enrich our own. 

As the timeless wisdom of each of our cultures is rediscovered, and the creative expressions of our fellow beings are fully voiced, we jointly cultivate a culture of humanity, peace and integrity, as the foundation for an inclusive Earth civilization.



Maturing into a culture of humanity, peace and integrity, we recognise the imperative to reclaim education’s fundamental purpose of serving people and planet.

We evolve education into life-based and life-long processes of co-creative learning. We transform universities into ‘humaniv-Earth-sities’ to better understand ourselves and our universe, and to innovate paradigm shifting ways to ensure peaceful,sustainable and integral development on our Earth home.


2020 12 Pioneers Living Earth Curriculum

Anchored in our integral home, rooted in our inner home, connected regeneratively across continents as homes and cultures for humanity, innovating change through Humaniv-EARTH-sity, we pioneer the systemic transformation we now need on our Earth Home. 

Forging an Alliance across generations  and nations, we gain momentum, and inspire others to unleash the power of their own lives, homes and cultures, as we co-create Home on Earth together.

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