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Mohamed El Mongy



"The founding principles and idea of Home for Humanity resonates with me as it connects strongly with the values I try to live in my life and the principles that represent the foundation of what I do.  In the NILE Journeys, one of our values is Mallenito, which means in the Fadjiki language of the Nubians of Sudan and Egypt, home for everyone.  This notion of Mallenito connects strong with Home for Humanity. Similarly the concept of Ubuntu, where I am because you are and because we are, where the individual identity is not separated from the diversity of identities with the realm of the human family and nature as well."


Mohamed EL MONGY, Egyptian born, he is co-founder of Sycamore Consulting, he is an environmental consultant and a professional dialogue facilitator, researcher in collective processes, trainer and mediator with 26 years of experience working across sectors in more than 20 countries, mainly within Africa.  His experience is applied in different fields of sustainable development -mainly in Africa-, grassroot civil society, gender and adult epistemology.

Through his years of experiences, he managed to develop a very extensive and strong network among different sectors in Africa; non-governmental organizations, civil society movements, academia, large corporations, social enterprises, SMEs and local governments.   

He earned his MSc. degree in Environment and Development from Edinburgh University with the thesis on Climate Change effects on forest fringe communities in Ghana, he is currently pursuing his PhD in integral theory in water conflicts and security at Davinci Institute in South Africa. Mohamed has also studied agriculture ecosystems services at the University of Helsinki and Climate Change and water at IHE UNESCO in the Netherlands.

Mohamed worked with diverse institutions on sustainable water and agricultural practices, among them Ndem in Senegal, the Global Ecovillage Network, Sandele Foundation  in the Gambia, Organic Egypt and North South Consultants Exchange. Mohamed facilitated the creation and documentation of environmental profiles of 5 Egyptian governorates for the Egyptian Ministry of Environment through EcoConServ. He also created the conceptualization of green economy movement and platform in Egypt with CEDARE. Mohamed also founded the office of the World Fair Trade Organization in Senegal through his work as Climate and Trade Justice advocacy.

Mohamed worked throughout his career in different Pan-African and international organizations and co-founded the NILE Journeys; a community platform for the Nile Basin communities. Mohamed is fluent in English, French and Arabic and uses the three languages in his work.



Mohamed El Mongy
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