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Marjolein Nagel

The Netherlands


"For me being an earth ambassador creates the opportunity to connect a deep trust in the regenerative capabilities of earth itself to the love and kindness of humans around the globe. If we all live our lives with kindness, love and attention for each other and mother earth, we can make the world a better home, for ourselves and our children. Through the home for humanity movement and the one home journey we are connected and thus we create a web of love and light for the future."


Strategic communications & amp; stakeholder director for (non)

governmental organizations.

Connecting the dots. Seeing the bigger picture.

With more than 30 years of (international) experience in the public sector as a communications strategist and leadership coach, Marjolein has worked on gender issues, public housing and

sustainability. Her connection to nature was deepened after a 5 months pilgrimage to Rome in 2014. Walking on centuries old mountain paths, she decided to become a true regenerative changemaker for the benefit of the whole. As a qigong practitioner and teacher she experiences the importance of doing this from the inside out. Chi Neng Qigong is a holistic way of nourishing the body and the mind through daily meditating in movement.



Marjolein Nagel
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