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20 December 2020: Launch of Home for Humanity's Earth Home Alliance – Inaugural Earth Agora

The Inaugural Earth Agora Members

Blessed by XamAm Alba Maria’s (Brazil) soothing prayer to Mother Nature, the transporting strings of Paul Grant’s (USA/Switzerland) sitar, by Loten Namling’s (Tibet) awakening conch shell, Home For Humanity’s first Earth Agora was opened.

The meaning behind opening the agora on this day was to celebrate the launch of our Earth Home Alliance: a dynamic field of synergy that connects and champions all members of the Home for Humanity Family across generations, cultures, and sectors. The Alliance is also intended to inspire wider audiences by showcasing, through each Alliance member, the individual and collective power we can galvanize, through our own lives, organisations and homes, to shape a regenerative future for our Earth-home. The Unity Circle at its head began with powerful opening statements:


  • Jean Houston (USA), Co-Founder of Human Potential Movement, Chair of United Palace

  • Youssef Mahmoud (Tunisia), Former Head of United Nations Peace Operations in Burundi, CAR

  • María Espinosa (Ecuador), Former President of UN General Assembly & Minister of Defence, Poet


  • Vinya Ariyaratne (Sri Lanka), President of Sarvodaya, Peace mediator of the One Text Initiative

  • Anselm Adodo (Nigeria), Founder of Pax Herbal for African Indigenous medicine and Pax Africana

  • Haifa Najjar (Jordan), Senator of Upper House, Superintendent of ASG-BSA Schools is traveling

We paid homage to Swami Agnivesh (1940-2020), whom we miss in the Unity Circle, and whose life & philosophy, ‘the Universe is a Single Family’, has contributed to shaping Home for Humanity. We were attuned to a collective frequency of unity and co-creation by Four Arrows’ Native American flute from Mexico, and Pops Mohammed’s uplifting song to the future.

We heard one by one the deep commitments of each of the pioneers, artists, contributors and agents of transformation from all continents and of all ages and backgrounds , to the community of transformative practice we have been building together.

With this extraordinary vibration, connecting humanity in unity across the globe, we joined forces as the ever-expanding Earth Alliance, to collaborate across all borders, to fulfil our collective vision of "Co-Creating Home on Earth" for all life.

We invite you to discover a complete overview of Home For Humanity’s Earth Home Alliance here, and explore the Programme’s here.

You may also find the complete recording of the Earth Agora of December 20th here.

In peace, and Unity.

– written by Arjuna Hiffler-Mani, Co-Founder and Secretary of the Home for Humanity Association.

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