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21 May 2023: FOREVER - Launch of a Home for Humanity Song by Dinero Ash and Eda Elif Tibet

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

💫 Dinero Ash (famed Bollywood music producer) and Eda Elif Tibet (H4H Founding Family and award winning filmmaker) came together after a decade to sing for #homeforhumanity -an upcoming documentary film (2023) produced by Karmamotion.

❤️‍🔥You can watch the entire video on YouTube.

💚The song is also on Spotify and every OTT channel.

🌍As part of the homes for humanity movement led by @alexanderschieffer and Rama Mani the co-founders of Home for Humanity this film is an invitation to join , to transform our divided world into a united home for the indivisible family of life.

With CORO INDIA, Terra Mirim Foundation, Paxherbals Nigeria,

Tatiana Speed and Enzo İkah, the 🐘Song and lyrics

composed by Dinero Ash , Mixed and Mastered by @abby_muzik in New Delhi, India.

🎶This song is the first of many other inspiring soundtracks composed for Home for Humanity by various international artists from across the planet earth. We shall be surprising you in the coming months with further stunning songs and videos – altogether serving our shared vision of “Co-creating Home on Earth”.

Stay Tuned 💫💫💫

Thank you, Dinero Ash and Eda Elif Tibet for this gift for the Home for Humanity movement, and thank you Elif for curating this special music series!

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