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9 November 2022: Ahliyyah and Mutran Schools pioneering Integral Education for Society Building

With Session 5 marking the half time of our transformative online Course Journey on “Unleashing the Power of Homes to Pioneer Planetary Regeneration”, the participants were introduced to the Ahliyyah and Mutran Schools, a role model for Holistic Education, located in Jordan. Having evolved over the course of 90 years, Ahliyyah and Mutran Schools developed into a school for life, that embraces its origin and sets its vision firmly on the future. Over the years, the two schools underwent powerful transformations, finally providing a curriculum that fundamentally values the human being and its potential with regards to all its dimensions: body, mind and soul. The focus of Ahliyyah and Mutran Schools lies on empowering the youth through valuable learning experiences, to offer education as a tool and thus give the youth a voice and societal value.

Rooted in the value of the Arab heritage, this Home for Humanity aims at fostering a profound respect for human dignity, service and ingenuity. The school’s curriculum encompasses Innovation, Community Engagement, Integral Arts and Humanities as well as Emancipatory Education. The school’s community gracefully exemplifies a center for responsible action and emits the sincere experience of a trans-generational Home. A truly genuine approach that aspires to inspire the local as well as the global society of all learners and educators. Issias Yohanes, Creative Educator and Architect from the UK emphasizes during the Session: “What an amazing service these two schools offer to their communities, a place of continuity, stability and belonging.” Ismea Guidotti from Switzerland acknowledges: "It was wonderful to see how much focus is put on teaching ‘humanity’ (values, community engagement, including spirit and soul in education). I believe that Western schools could learn a lot from you on how to ‘not teach a subject, but develop a human being’’.

Enjoy further insights of the participants: “It was a rich, powerful and inspirational presentation that showed a solid vision of empowering students for the future. I very much appreciated the fact that it was catered on meeting the needs of the students within the wider context of community needs of the people. I could see that Ahliyyah and Mutran Schools are a generational school and that is what inspired me the most. They had created local ownership rooted in their own values while embracing the role of being guardians of the planet. I loved the roundedness of the approach to learning with ‘laughter, friendship and love’. The motifs are really powerful: a candle in the dark; the ripple; treading carefully on the soil as it is the bodies of the ancestors. So many lessons for us in Zambia and deepest gratitude to the team for allowing us into their space and sharing the journey.” by Irene Banda (Zambia), Founder of TUCUZA

“For me communication, respect and sharing knowledge and being the one who teaches and inspires others are the main aspects to build a wonderful generation who truly know the meaning of HOME!”

by Hend Hany (Egypt), EBDA Egyptian Biodynamic Association, Egypt

“The feeling of giving back and keeping the roots of the school has most of the graduates coming back and sharing the history as graduates and now teachers carrying on the specialty for all beings. To be the light, so others may see through you, a selfless way of life. Quite important when you identify yourself and then be more for others!” Muziwanele Ngwenya (Zimbabwe), Visual Artist

“We spoke about the situation for the girls and women in Afghanistan who are not at this moment able to take part in any form of education, work and freedom to follow their dreams. It is very painful to think of them and we want to hold them in our hearts.”

by Ruth Lass Hargreaves (UK)

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