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9 November 2022: Ahliyyah and Mutran Schools pioneering Integral Education for Society Building

With Session 5 marking the half time of our transformative online Course Journey on “Unleashing the Power of Homes to Pioneer Planetary Regeneration”, the participants were introduced to the Ahliyyah and Mutran Schools, a role model for Holistic Education, located in Jordan. Having evolved over the course of 90 years, Ahliyyah and Mutran Schools developed into a school for life, that embraces its origin and sets its vision firmly on the future. Over the years, the two schools underwent powerful transformations, finally providing a curriculum that fundamentally values the human being and its potential with regards to all its dimensions: body, mind and soul. The focus of Ahliyyah and Mutran Schools lies on empowering the youth through valuable learning experiences, to offer education as a tool and thus give the youth a voice and societal value.