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8 October 2022: Public Opening of the Course Journey “Unleashing the Power of Homes”

The Public Opening of the Course Journey “Unleashing the Power of Homes to Pioneer Planetary Regeneration” marked the first interactive encounter of exemplary Homes for Humanity around the world and committed as well as potential Course participants. After we all welcomed each other in our native languages, the Session was opened by Dr. Rama Mani, Dr. Daud Taranhike and Prof. Alexander Schieffer, who shared a poem of his to set the spirit under which we would come together:

“the future knocks on our doors but when we are at home

future requires presence as a landing place homecoming is no luxury but paradigm prerequisite

together, homes hold power as a nursery for true tomorrows for all life”

Each of the exemplary Homes for Humanity was briefly introduced, showcasing the unique innovations they implement to pioneer Planetary Regeneration, harness transformational power and actively build the future. Together, we celebrated the path lying ahead and the collective vision we, as co-learners, hold to bring about Societal Transformation and Planetary Regeneration in these times of emerging and persisting crises. To realise our shared vision of a united, just and joyful Earth Community, the Course Journey aims to inspire participants in the evolution or inauguration of their own Home-based initiatives. The trajectory of the Journey therefore covers the actualisation of the Inner Home (Self), the local, physical Home (Community, Organisation) as well as the greater impact on our shared Earth Home.

Together, the participants tuned into the questions of “What brings me here?” and “What Gift am I bringing to this Community of (aspiring) Agents of Transformation?” We exchanged our individual reflections and witnessed a powerful collective momentum emerge. Here are some of the participants moving responses:

“I have worked in the space of transformation all my adult life facilitating healing of individuals traumatised and victimised through exile, violence and other abuses we as humans thrust on each other. I am passionate to serve those who have been marginalised in all walks of life.” by Niamaat Gamildien (South Africa), Mathare Social Justice

“Being raised in the rural areas of Zimbabwe, I learnt to value and respect our culture. It is this knowledge that I want to share with my fellow youths, and the world at large, to value and appreciate our true identity, having a sense of belonging.” by Charakupa Takudzwa (Zimbabwe), MA student Philosophy Agriculture

“I’m so grateful to be a part of this dynamic cohort with people from all over the world, to learn, to share and ascend together, and lay the foundational pillars of a new, equitable, harmonious and glorious world.”

by PJ Okocha (Nigeria), PS Neutraceuticals International Ltd.

“Great things happen when we all come together. I carry with me the power of unity and the beautiful life journey we've all taken. The power of the journey continues to make us strong. Let's journey together as we preach humanity. Sending love from Kenya!” by Esther Waigumo (Kenya), Mathare Social Justice

“Lovely to be with you all, can't wait for the unfolding... I'm Dahvii from Terra Mirim in Brazil, and I bring the eagerness for Justice and freedom, the call from our hearts... much gratitude and love! Nanalô” by Dahvii Shiva Sampaio (Bahia-Brazil), Terra Mirim

“Thank you so much for so much inspiration, hope and creating a new circle of love and trust to fall back on and to co-create a magical journey leading to a beautiful world.” by Archana Tomar (India), Sutradhaar Social Ventures

“Let’s celebrate the spirit of humanity…love for all…” by CORO (India), H4H Mumbai

“Let's make home for humanity in our hearts…Indeed.” by Sibonginkosi Moyo (South Africa), Providence Human Capital

Consecrated by a keynote speech of Home for Humanity’s Co-Chair and long valued friend and colleague, Dr. Youssef Mahmoud, we wished each other farewell and a good morning, afternoon, evening and night. We wish to thank everybody who so joyfully partook in the Initiation of our Co-Learning Journey and look forward to a rich and invigorating exchange. Finally, we wish to share one participant’s expanded reflection upon the Session’s impact:

“My name is Linda Leogah, a grassroots peacebuilder with YIPACOR (Youth Initiatives for Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution) and a Master's Student of International Relations at the University of Buea - Cameroon. Coming from a community whose fabric and population have been destroyed by the ongoing Anglophone conflict, I have a burning passion to contribute to rebuilding and transforming the lives of the people I hold close to my heart.

The Opening Session of the Course Journey initiated by Home for Humanity expounded a wealth of knowledge stemming from the diversity of homes across the globe. While proposing a multifaceted and integral paradigm pervading each course session and offering sound mentorship, the Course is providing an in-depth review on methodology suited for bringing to light an individual project for my community.

This session enlightened me to harness and revive the core values of my community - love, togetherness and sharing with the less privileged to regenerate an inclusive future as earth citizens.”

by Lynda Leogah Forkwa (Cameroon), MA Student of International Relations

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