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8 December 2021: 3x30 Integral Ideas for a Green Europe -driven by Integral Green Slovenia

Under the leadership of Dr. Darja Piciga, co-founder of the Citizens’ Initiative for an Integral Green Slovenia, a total of 90 integral ideas were launched on the European Union Platform of the Conference for the Future of Europe.

Well-being for all while taking into account planetary boundaries is a broadly accepted vision for Europe. In other words, achieving the 17 SDGs and 169 targets of the 2030 Agenda for Sustain. Development through bringing together economic, social, and environmental considerations in mutually reinforcing ways.

However, the recent reports at various levels alert that several SDGs are not being achieved, despite widespread environmental policy efforts. Among them, GEO-6, the 6th Global Environment Outlook concludes that the overall condition of the global environment has continued to deteriorate particularly due to unsustainable production and consumption patterns in most countries, and climate change. The European report SOER 2020 sums up that Europe continues to consume more resources and contribute more to environmental degradation than other world regions.

Isolated actions and policies, focused on individual goals and targets, cannot make a decisive contribution to successfully facing the whole complex web of global challenges.

A new, integrative conceptual framework and process to bring forth very holistic practical solutions in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda is therefore urgently needed. In the past 90 days, with 3x30 posts to citizens of Slovenia, Europe, and the World (one idea each day), the Integral Green Slovenia Initiative has been proposing such a conceptual framework and process,

With these integral ideas, the initiative is building, in an applied and practical way on the Integral Worlds approach developed by TRANS4M, and on many years of close “integral collaboration”, resulting in five international conferences on an Integral Green Economy in Slovenia and in the publication (2016) of the Integral Green Slovenia book, edited by Darja Piciga, Alexander Schieffer & Ronnie Lessem.

Home for Humanity, host of the TRANS4M Academy for Integral Transformation ( has been supporting this valuable initiative over the past 90 days.

Congratulations to Dr. Darja Piciga and the Citizens’ Initiative for an Integral Green Slovenia for this achievement, which also honours and celebrates 30 years of independence of the nation of Slovenia.

All 90 posts have been published at: (See: Topic 'Other Ideas' - Transversal and cross-cutting issues)

For full and easy access of all posts, check the website of Integral Green Slovenia

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