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7 February 2021: Living Curriculum #3 with William Kelly – Award Winning Humanist Artist

As part of our LIVING CURRICULUM SERIES, an inspiring weekly series of Interviews with PIONEERS OF TRANSFORMATION FROM 5 CONTINENTS engaged in co-creating a Just and Regenerative Earth Civilization, we launch an interview with PIONEER IN HUMANIST ARTISTRY AND PEACE-MAKING, WILLIAM KELLY.

William Kelly is a humanist artist whose work addresses the ideas and ideals of community and the power of art to contribute to cultural change. He has been honoured worldwide for his engagement with major issues of our time including those of human rights, social justice and environment, receiving the “Coat of Arms” of the city of Guernica, Spain, the Australian “Violence Prevention Award”and prestigious “Courage of Conscience Award” from the Peace Abbey, Boston, USA.

In this conversation, William Kelly reveals what art means to him and its power is in bringing about change. Please find the whole conversation with William Kelly here:

Home for Humanity is proud to present this Living Curriculum of interviews conducted entirely by the Home for Humanity Student Team from the University of St. Gallen. It is a potent manifestation of the liberating power of Transformative Education.

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