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5 June 2021: Co-Creating a Loving World - Home for Humanity with Spirit of Humanity Forum 2021

On World Environment Day, 5 June 2021, Home for Humanity was invited to convene the Final Plenary at the 5th Spirit of Humanity Forum 2021, hosted by the City of Reykjavik, Iceland, on the theme of ‘Co-Creating a Loving World: Leadership and Governance for Wellbeing’.

Convened by Dr. Rama Mani and Professor Alexander Schieffer, a dialogue was held with transformative leaders of integral organisations from five continents all sharing their inspirational experiences as leaders, and their integral approaches to governance. The Plenary then culminated with a powerful message and soul-touching, African indigenous music performed by the legendary Pops Mohamed. The speakers were: Thais Corral with Katie Weintraub from SINAL, Brazil; Dr. Vinya Ariyaratne from Sarvodaya, Sri Lanka, H.E. Haifa Najjar from Tanweer and ASG School, Jordan; Father Dr. Anselm Adodo from Pax Herbals, Kenya, and Pops Mohamed from South Africa. All are members of Home for Humanity's Earth Alliance, and each one is contributing, both individually and institutionally, to co-creating a loving home on earth.

It was deeply inspiring seeing these transformative leaders coming together. Paying tribute to our home planet on World Environment day, the plenary began with each of them sharing individual blessings from their local traditions, enabling us to travel with them to each of their cultures around the world. We then heard their unique approaches to authentic, loving leadership and organisational governance to create a more loving world, on the individual, local and global level. The forum and the plenary injected a strong sense of hope and possibility that we can face the enormous challenges we see in the world, together.

We warmly invite you to view the recording of this Plenary. You can also access all sessions from the 5th Spirit of Humanity Forum here.

As the newest member to join the Home for Humanity Team, this was my exciting first assignment to help coordinate this Plenary session. As a former lawyer, transitioned into a health and wellbeing practitioner, I have already been working with matters related to personal and organisational wellbeing in my professional life. It was quite synchronistic to be of support to a global Forum with the theme of ‘Leadership and Governance for Wellbeing’, bringing together such eminent global leaders. It felt like coming into a world I did not know existed: of collective home, of interconnectedness, of transformational ideas and of people putting them into action. I feel very grateful and inspired to be engaged in this global, transformative journey and to be a part of Home for Humanity.

Kajsa Liedén, Sweden Humanity Quest Coordinator;

Communications and Wellbeing Adviser

Humanity Team, Home for Humanity

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