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31 August 2022: Women of the Earth Wisdom Circle (online video conference)

This extraordinary gathering of exceptional women luminaries and young emerging women leaders spanning four generations across all continents, associated with the Home for Humanity movement, came together to provide a powerful response to our world in crisis grounded in deep feminine wisdom. Each woman’s unique wisdom, expressed through poetry, music, blessings, and wisdom teachings, ignited our collective alignment with the power of the feminine, to support the necessary transition of humanity to a whole new level of maturity, care, presence, and (inner) power, in this crucial dying-and-rebirthing time on Earth. The Wisdom circle was opened and closed by luminous Elders, Jean Houston (USA, age 85), Anne Baring (UK, age 92), Peggy Rubin (USA, age 87) and Saroja Mani (India, age 82). It was grounded by Thais Corral (Brazil, age 62) with Rama Mani (India/France, age 55), from Home for Humanity’s Integral Home Campus in France, sparklingly moderated by young emerging leaders Paulina Jantos (Germany, age 25) and Kajsa Lieden (Sweden, age 33), and ignited by the transcendent music of Tatiana Speed (Canada, age 32). The circle of outstanding women leaders and heads of organisations and Homes for Humanity, engaged in pioneering a conscious future included: Christina Taranhike (Home for Humanity Zimbabwe), Irena Atelevic (Home for Humanity- Croatia) Thania Paffenholz (Kenya), Helen Eriksen (Home for Humanity Denmark), Mora Neustadt (Argentina), Engvig (WIN, Norway), Sister Esther Shebi (Nigeria), Ama Nyarko Jones (Ghana, Uganda, Germany) Lisa Longworth (USA), Renata Keller and Andrea Keller (Switzerland), and the senior women leaders at Sekem, Home for Humanity Egypt – Constanze Abouleish, Martina Dinkel, Regina Hanel, and Angela Hoffmann. This was a magical and transformative collective Weaving Experience by remarkable women,

through which the fabric of the possible future was co-created.

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