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30 January 2021: A Transcultural Launch-Dialogue for Changemakers from the Global TRANS4M Community

About 30 integral change-makers from four continents joined on a zoom call to share an update on their integral organization, community, initiative and/or research-to-innovation. Together, they explored ways how to intensify collaboration and to contribute to Home for Humanity’s unfolding vision.

After many years of working within the global community of TRANS4M, these agents of transformation were keen to hear the latest developments of Home for Humanity, and to explore alignment of their work within the meta-vision of “co-creating home on earth”. Indeed, the guiding question for this transcultural dialogue was “How can we as TRANS4M Integral Changemakers amplify our individual and collective Impact to create a just and regenerative future for all life?»

Among the illustrious people present was Zahira Kamal – former minister of Women Affairs and First Female Secretary General of the Palestinian Democratic Union – who eloquently spoke about the necessity to find common grounds across humanity to ignite impactful positive transformation. Additionally, numerous participants from TRANS4M’s PhD program, former Masters Program in South Africa, Junior Fellowship and leaders from Integral Partner Organisations (such as Sinal do Vale in Brazil and MedLabs in Jordan) could use the opportunity to meet each other and exchange experiences. The discussion was very rich, amplified by every participant’s creative ideas and fascinating life story.

As Youssef Mahmoud, former Under Secretary General of the UN, beautifully concluded: "The three elements that will help us co-create home on earth are initiative, education and agriculture".

Building on this after this launch dialogue, our explicit objective is to involve these incredible change-makers in the wider Home for Humanity network, as a way to develop the Earth Home Alliance and create synergies with their integral organizations, communities and initiatives.

Stay tuned for more!

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