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28 August 2022: Homes for Humanity at the World Ethic Forum, Switzerland

“How Homes for Humanity are radically enlivening their communities and regenerating life on our Home Planet” – was the impact-oriented focus of this “co-created workshop”, embedded in the 2022 World Ethic Forum in Switzerland’s Pontresina.

The workshop was co-convened by three Homes for Humanity: Sinal do Vale (Brazil), Sekem (Egypt) and Home for Humanity Integral Home Campus (France) together. Participants from around the world actively and passionately engaged with the transformative and common story presented by the three homes – representing the Homes for Humanity planetary movement.

In the words of participant Simone Junod from Switzerland: “The workshop … had a powerful and emotional impact on me, still resonating. We experienced what people, led and carried by a vision anchored in their heart, can achieve for the well-being of others and our Earth home. Driven by their unwavering faith that the impossible is possible, they went along, manifesting and materializing their dream with stamina, courage, passion and love. And today they are influential and inspirational role models, transforming communities and educating young persons to walk on their footsteps. I am still in deep awe towards their achievements and they are an encouragement for my own endeavour with Athena InsideOut Education. Thank you for having shared with us all.”

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