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28 April 2023: “Regenerate Europe” Conference for Changemakers in Split, Croatia

Co-Initiated by Terra Meera and the Aspira University College in Split, Croatia, this new conference aspires to be a critical fresh impulse for the regeneration of Europe and the world.

Set up to counterbalance our current unsustainable system based on exponential growth and extraction which STEALS THE FUTURE, Regenerate Europe serves as a catalytic platform to design a regenerative system that HEALS THE FUTURE.

The conference – hosted by Aspira University College and brilliantly designed and moderated by Terra Meera’s founder Dr. Irena Ateljevic, a renowned international expert on sustainable development and regenerative tourism – gathered inspiring educators, social and ecological entrepreneurs, and activists from across Europe and Asia.

Altogether, they demonstrated best practice examples and shared their experiences and visions. Many exciting regeneration role models from Croatia were presented – side by side with international cases.

From Shakti Leadership (Nilima Bhat, India) to Earth Changers Platform (Vicky Smith, UK), from Biodynamic Vinery (Denis Marusic, Croatia) to EcoJams (Sandra Babac, Croatia), from Regenerative Urban Design (Rocco Reukema, Netherlands) to Local Producers Platform Project Material (Joao Rodriguez, Portugal); from Destination Tourism (Robert Bralic, Croatia) to Social Innovation Laboratories (Celiane Carmargo-Borges, Brazil) – these are just few examples how Regenerative Europe showcased how transcultural cross-pollination and a shared vision and commitment to regeneration can be a powerful driver for change.

Home for Humanity’s co-founder Alexander Schieffer was invited to contribute to this important event with a keynote on “Integral education for the Regeneration Renaissance in Europe and the world”.

Watch this space of Regenerate Europe, and the contribution, that we as Home for Humanity are committed to making to the local and global regeneration agenda.

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