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26 October 2022: Sinal do Vale in Brazil pioneering Regeneration and Nature-based Learning.

In Session 3 of our transformative Co-Learning Journey of “Unleashing the Power of Homes to Pioneer Planetary Regeneration” we learned about Sinal do Vale, center for the regeneration of ecosystems, communities, and individuals, and exemplary Home for Humanity in Brazil. Located on 200 hectares of protected land just 50 km from downtown Rio de Janeiro, Sinal is an Advanced Post of UNESCO’s Biosphere Reserves and 1 of 17 certified Global Ecosphere Retreats by the Long Run Initiative in the world. They prototype and teach solutions that regenerate forests, soils, and food systems that can be replicated and scaled in this critical region.

Together with a remarkable team of local and global Change Makers, Sinal launched different enterprises supporting the active implementation of and innovation research towards regenerative practices. Among those: Community-based waste management, use of local resources, water conversation, agroforestry, reforestation, healthy nutrition and eco-tourism.

Sinal was able to develop prototypes of land and forest management and create community activism groups to establish meaningful relationships and decentralised land stewardship arrangements. In this field, Sinal do Vale works as an important pioneer and catalyst for the territory and whole bioregion. In the next decade, Sinal aims at expanding their prospects of reforestation as well as the founding of social impact businesses and agroecological initiatives.