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25 October 2022:Women‘s Leadership to Co-Create Home on Earth At the THMC, Johannesburg,South Africa

Women ‘s Leadership to Co-Create Home on Earth

At the Trevor Huddleston Memorial Centre, Sophiatown, Johannesburg, South Africa

This Theatre of Transformation workshop was specially designed by Dr. Rama Mani to support the tremendous work that the Trevor Huddleston Memorial Centre has been doing to empower young women in Sophiatown. As we know, South Africa suffers from one of the world’s highest rates of gender-based and domestic violence, and many young women have experienced or witnessed such violence. Yet, here as elsewhere around the world, it is women who are taking the lead in rebuilding their broken societies and creating a better future for their communities and for our Earth.

Young women from across Sophiatown as well as other townships like Soweto, from vastly different backgrounds, travelled for hours to join the workshop. Through the Theatre of Transformation’s catalytic methodology, and through the enactment of real-life testimonies of women overcoming crises, from Syria to Palestine to Congo, Rama guided the young women to unleash their own inner powers for transformation. First they unlocked the power of their ‘hearts: by finding their purpose and following their passion; then the power of the ‘earth’ by resourcing themselves in the healing and regenerating force of nature; then the power of art, by daring to give voice to their creative expression and their truth. They finally stepped into the power of ‘we are’ – of community – the power that enables us to overcome our sense of loneliness and powerlessness, by knowing that together as a community we are better able to transform our challenges into possibilities.

After a series of creative, serious, and playful exercises - including for example, on trauma healing, dealing with fear, and following one’s inner voice – the workshop culminated with the young women themselves ‘enacting transformation’. Each of the young women stepped on stage, fully bedecked in a colorful costume of their choice, and delivered a pithy and powerful performance-presentation. They stepped into their optimal future and voiced powerfully how they had achieved their vision and purpose, and how they had transformed their lives and the lives of others. It was an exhilarating experience to witness the sheer potency, passion, and conviction that each of these young women exuded - after just this short workshop. Their courage and grace in stepping up on stage to express themselves eloquently and dramatically is to be lauded! These young women leaders will surely be playing a key role in ‘co-creating home on earth’ – in Johannesburg, South Africa, and the whole world!

Here are a few testimonials from the participants:

“It was my first time attending such a workshop and it was also good for me . I learned a lot about the acts. After that workshop, I am able to face my fears. Through this experience, I understood the purpose of me being born. Now, when I'm not okay, I'm no longer needing anyone, I can calm myself down and be okay. I also learned that I have to say solutions out of my mouth, so that my voice can be heard.” Shereen Thahane 💕

“One thing I have learned is that I am living with people. My greatest moment was when I found out that I have the ability to create and destroy . I learned that I am responsible for my life and actions, because no one will ever live my life better than myself. I make the rules and I am the captain of my own destiny

Am:Tiisetso Lethae

I learned that telling your story is different from listening to someone else telling it. You never know how bad or good your situation is until you hear someone is telling it.” Nonceba

VIDEO- "Shouting out their Takeaways from the Event"

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