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23 June 2023: Transforming our Divided World – Home for Humanity at World Unity Week

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

As part of World Unity Week 2023, the ground-breaking global online gathering initiated by Unity Earth and Purpose Earth, Home For Humanity was invited to host a live session with a focus on “Transforming our Divided World into a United Home for Humanity and all Life on Earth”.

Prof. Alexander Schieffer, Arjuna Hilffer Mani, and Dr. Rama Mani at Home for Humanity

For this culturally creative and transformative event, Dr Rama Mani, Prof Alexander Schieffer and their son Arjuna were joined by Enzo Ikah, refugee musician from DR Congo, peace and human rights activist and educator, star of award-winning film 'Refugee Here I am', author of Invisible Chains (2023), calling in from Istanbul, Turkey; and by Tatiana Speed, transformative musician for social change and peace activist, Coordinator of Visioneers International Network, calling in from Vancouver, Canada.

Arjuna Hilffer Mani, Enzo Ikah, refugee musician from DR Congo and Tatiana Speed, transformative musician for social change and peace activist

Having presented the “One Home Journey” Project in an earlier session of World Unity Week, we decided to provide the audience, in this second session, with a flavour of the transformational power this 7-year endeavour could have on people, homes, communities, all over the globe.

Click Below to Learn about the One Home Journey:

And hence the session took the approximately 70 international viewers through an artistic, poetic and truly transformational journey of discovery, inspiration and empowerment with a special highlight on the message of hope from refugees, honouring World Refugee Day. After reading in turns our One Home Journey collective vision for the next 7 years, inviting all to activate their imaginations and travel with us, we listened to Enzo’s powerful song.

Enzo Ikah Performing at the World Unity Week (ZOOM)

Alexander through our journey, punctuated with Tatiana’s bright, immersive songs and Arjuna’s ground-shaking rap “One Earth”, we travelled through Rama’s deeply evocative stories staging first Elif Tibet from Turkey (Home For Humanity Bern, Switzerland), anthropologist fighting for rights of refugees worldwide (known for her award winning documentary Refugee Here I am); to the story of the PAX Herbals’ integral initiative, Nigeria (Home For Humanity Ewu, Nigeria); all the way to the women of CORO, spearheading female entrepreneurship and women empowerment, founded some 30 years ago in the slums of Mumbai (Home For Humanity Mumbai, India).

Tatiana Speed Performing at the World Unity Week (ZOOM)

With our powerful “Humanity Musicians” playing in the background, we invited all viewers to share their thoughts, and their commitments for the next 7 years - as an invitation to travel with us on the One Home Journey…

Humanity Musicians

After a few short yet strong interactions with the audience, we closed the session with a bang: A collective Poem composed live by Alexander using all contributions, stories and songs evoking peace, unity and a regenerative future for all life, to propel us into the transformative journey that awaits us all!

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