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22 April: Launch of a Home for Humanity in Brazil – Celebrating and Honouring Sinal Do Vale

On the occasion of International Mother Earth Day, 22 April 2021, Home for Humanity’s Earth Alliance honoured the Institute Sinal do Vale in Brazil.

SINAL was created in 2011 as a center for the regeneration of ecosystems, communities, and individuals and is a steward of 200 hectares of land between the urban sprawl of Rio and some of the last protected areas in the Atlantic Forest. Its name being an acronym for synchronicity, innovation and joy, SINAL is a true Living Learning Laboratory for Future Builders and inspires learning experiences and more authentic relationships through hospitality services, educational programs and socio-environmental initiatives.

We invite you to watch this beautiful video capturing the spirit, spaces and remarkable work of Sinal do Vale:

Additionally, here are some impressions from the beautiful launch:

The SINAL story is so profound in that it brings diversity of life together and tie relationships between nature and people with a very strong bond of love. I personally could feel the powerful energy and connection of the entire ecosystem. Well done to Thais and team for creating such a special home that transcends language and culture boundaries. I definitely love to visit SINAL one of these days!

Dr. Daud “Shumba” Taranhike, Co-Founder, Integral Kumusha, Home for Humanity Zimbabwe

SINAL seems like an extraordinary place. The more I learn about it the more I want to know. What impresses me the most is this co-habitation between many humans, animals and the nature. There is so much diversity, but that does not hinder anyone from coming together. Quite the contrary: they all seem to be part of one entity, one ecosystem. It is a unique structure, which aims at including and welcome everyone and everything during the entirety of their stay. People there seem to grow and learn together. The place is full of vitality and the leadership is remarkable: it is a very determined and feminine way of doing things. Even from the outside we can tell that the place is extraordinary, every person who speaks of it does it with passion and I find that very inspiring.

Dalia Hostettler, Bachelor Student, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland / Member of the SINAL do Vale Team of the Reshaping International Development Course

The launch of SINAL as a Home for Humanity has been a very nice and inspiring meeting with people from all around the world but also from many different generations. After presenting each other and share our personal place for regeneration, the environment in the meeting was very friendly. I personally felt this strong willingness to change the world to a better place. We can sense that SINAL’s ambition and goals are mirrored in all the people within the community. In addition, the richness and diversity of the rain forest is also strongly reflected in the volunteers coming to SINAL. All this makes SINAL this special place where people get back to fundamentals and connect with nature and with each other to share this authentic determination and love.”

Yaku Colque, Bachelor Student, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland / Member of the SINAL do Vale Team of the Reshaping International Development Course

We thank all the participants for celebrating this great moment with us!

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