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22 April 2023 / Mother Earth Day: Official Launch of One Home Journey

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

On Mother Earth Day, 22 April 2023, the visionary ‘ONE HOME JOURNEY’ was launched by the Home for Humanity planetary movement, together with engaged changemakers and luminary leaders of transformative movements, organisations and Homes for Humanity from all parts of Mother Earth.

As Home for Humanity’s Co-Chair Jean Houston put it, “The One Home Journey is as epic as the times we live in, and as imperative, as these complex times on Earth demand. It will encompass:

SEVEN YEARS to voyage to every country on Earth, our One Home, connecting Earth Citizens, home-to-home, across continents.

SEVEN DAYS for a Learning and Co-Creation Journey in each society, to build a regenerative and inclusive future, personally, locally and globally for the next SEVEN GENERATIONS!”

Contributing to the scintillating multicultural “vision-presentation” of the “One Home Journey” and expressing their support were long-standing collaborators and new allies. They included, among many others: Duane Elgin, Founder of Earth Voice and author of Choosing Earth; Ozioma Egwuonwu, Founder of World Dream Day; P.V. Rajagopal, India’s preeminent Gandhian leader and Founder of Ekta Parishad; Jill Carr-Harris, Co-Founder of the global movement Jai Jagat (Victory to the World); Emanuel Kuntzelman and Laura Rose, initiators of the newly-launched planetary ‘Holomovement’; Brazil’s XamAm Alba Maria Nunes, founder of Terra Mirim Foundation and Ecovillage.

Responding to the Vision and Plan of the One Home Journey, P.V. Rajagopal, laureate of the prestigious Nivano Peace Prize 2023, and Founder of India’s largest movement of indigenous and landless peasants stated, “As one Earth family working together on this One Home Journey, we will be able to reach the millions who are suffering from the current economic and political systems. We in India are very inspired by this movement, and would like to play a very active role in taking it forward.”

Duane Elgin, visionary futurist, and also a laureate of the Niwano Prize, expressed:

“With the love and beauty of this invitation you are offering the Earth Family, we are going to find our Earth Home. It is a journey into aliveness, into wholeness. We are on this journey together. You are bringing us home together.”

Co-Founder of the Holomovement, Emmanuel Kuntzelman offered a poignant prayer to Mother Earth,

on behalf of all voyagers on this Day 1 of the One Home Journey:

“You are the one home, you are the cradle of everything we are. We ask for your forgiveness. And we dedicate ourselves to be in service to your health and regeneration and the future of seven generations to come.We honour you, as we come home to the one and only home we have.”

XamAM Alba Maria, a world-renowned teacher of shamanism and Earth wisdom, showered the blessings of Mother Earth on the One Home Journey and on all gathered, affirming: “We have now a new opportunity to come together to trace a new route for humanity.”

Youssef Mahmoud from Tunisia, Home for Humanity’s Co-Chair and former

UN Under-Secretary-General summarised:

“The One Home Journey may seem idealistic or impossible. Certainly, seven years ago I myself would have thought so. But over the past three years, I have been directly engaged in witnessing and supporting the build-up of the Homes for Humanity movement across all continents. Especially over this past year, I have been awed at how our movement has both grown deeper roots and expanded far and wide with new collaborators and partners.

And this, friends, has been possible due to the spirit of collaboration, co-creation and due to the dedication and determination that has forged ‘Our Common Story’ of co-creating Home on Earth. Together, we have laid solid foundations, and we are now ready to undertake this big step: our shared seven year journey for the next seven generations.”

This One Home Journey requires the participation and co-creation of all Earth Citizens - every single one of you. As Jean Houston said,

“You are ALL already fellow voyagers and future builders of the One Home Journey!”

Tatiana Speed’s spectacular Anthem for the One Home Journey, which graced the entire session, eloquently invokes us all to be the future builders:

“Lets’ put the seeds in the ground, until life springs up all around.

We can walk through this garden, this home that we made.

Together we can change humanity’s fate!”

Stay posted for regular updates about the build-up of this momentous journey, including a full brochure of the One Home Journey (coming up soon) sharing all the ways you could participate and collaborate in the journey. And soon to come:

a planetary music video of Tatiana’s Anthem!

So join us for A Seven Years Journey – Seven Days in all Countries – Together,

for the next Seven Generations!

With warm wishes from the entire Home for Humanity Family

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