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20 May 2023: Earth Artistry Agora honouring Legendary Artists Paul Grant and Bill Kelly

This Earth Agora focussed on the transformative power of Art to heal humanity, renew culture, and regenerate the Earth – and honoured the life-long contributions to people and planet of master musician Paul Grant (USA / Switzerland) and humanist artist Bill Kelly (Australia).

Paul Grant William (Bill) Kelly

Marking the International Days of Cultural and Biological Diversity, Home for Humanity broadcasted its first ever Earth Agora “live” from the ancestral home of our Co-Chair, Dr. Youssef Mahmoud, in Chebba, Tunisia – who also presided over the award-giving ceremony.

Paul Grant is a widely acclaimed maestro of Hindustani and Sufi music and has been, for many decades, an active preserver of endangered musical heritage.

Bill Kelly, award-winning humanist artist for peace and human rights, has dedicated his life to showcase and embody the transformative power of “brush and pencil”.

Both artists have also been numerous times at Home for Humanity France, and shared their transformative artistry richly with the Home for Humanity global community.

In this moving and transformative ceremony, Paul Grant shared his profound wisdom in his acceptance speech, followed by a spectacular video of one of his historic performances. Bill Kelly, for health reasons not being able to participate in person, was powerfully represented by this son Liam and Mark Street, the director of the award-winning “Can Art Stop A Bullet” movie, that features the life work of Bill. Both, Liam and Mark, eloquently and movingly, honoured Bill – as a person and an artist.

In the grand finale of this Agora, famed Bollywood Rapper Ash Dinero and renowned filmmaker Eda Elif Tibet, launched, as a global premiere, their new song “FOREVER”.

Participants of this virtual Agora came from all continents and experienced how artists can regenerate humanity, culture and nature in and after crisis through their art, and were inspired to embody, in their own lives, the transformative power of art, culture and creativity.

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