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20 - 27 August 2023: Home for Humanity at the Eco Summer Camp 2023

From 20 to 23 August, Humanity Core Team member Paulina Jantos and Karthik Rajmohan had the opportunity and pleasure of attending and presenting at the Eco Summer Camp 2023 at the Lasalle House near Zurich, Switzerland. For a whole week, a group of about 60 participants of different ages and nationalities explored how to shift the current paradigm “From Wild Consumption to Responsible Engagement”.

Representing the Home for Humanity Global Movement, Karthik and Paulina offered a three-part workshop (or ‘play-share’ as they prefer) to engage the participants in various activities to enhance our personal and collective capacity to respond to today’s pressing challenges.

The first part of the series introduced the Home for Humanity Movement and its three underlying levels: the Inner Home, the Local Home and our Earth Homes. Focusing on the level of the Inner Home, the first session asked participants to connect with their own purpose and calling. They were invited to first listen deeply to their own innermost values that fundamentally shape their humanity and then briefly share their insights with a partner.

Accompanied by an immersive sound meditation, participants were then led into a non-verbal space that allowed them to dive deeper and truly connect with their calling and purpose by embodying their identified values and experiencing an Inner Homecoming.

The second part of the series focused on the level of the Local Home and on the mobilisation of the resources that are immediately available to us. Following the presentation of pioneering Homes for Humanity around the world, participants were invited to explore the realms of the Integral Humanity Charter and to gather the wisdom already within and among them. In thematic tables and rotating groups, participants engaged in stimulating conversations, harvesting their collective intelligence and innovative ideas.

After this collective activation the group was led into movement. In order to ultimately bring about human and global transformation, we moved from a state of stillness and potential stasis into action. Using interactive and creative tools from theatre, dance and performance art, participants were invited to embody this shift and collectively experience a societal Homecoming.

The final session of the three-part play-share was an Earth Agora. Inspired by the ancient Greek format of the Agora, ‘Earth Agoras’ provide a radically inclusive forum for concerned Earth Citizens to explore and discuss how we want to live together. In order to harness our collective potential to pioneer paradigmatic change, participants were invited to creatively enact their vision for 2030. Participants performed short plays, poems, songs, sketches and talk shows that they had prepared in small groups.

The three sessions naturally culminated in communal singing and dancing, connecting us with the energy of what is possible when we all, person to person, home to home, across cultures and generations, embody the change we wish to see in the world - in the manner of a true planetary Homecoming.

You too can be part of it! Join the One Home Journey!

Paulina Jantos

Humanity Team Coordinator

Community Engagement Manager

All photographs have been captured by the talented photographer Mikołaj Cempla, and we are delighted to have received his gracious permission for publication.

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