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2 November 2022: Pioneering Political Renewal and Peace-Building through Arts in Palestine & Morocco

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Session four of our Course Journey on “Unleashing the Power of Homes to Pioneer Planetary Regeneration” had a special format in which the participants met the founders and hosts of two exemplary Homes for Humanity, one in Palestine and one in Morocco. They are both experienced senior societal leaders in their respective country and presented their life’s work in an dialogical format. In the conversation we immersed ourselves in questions around the transformation of their inner Home, local Home and the greater impact on the Earth Home.

First we met Zahira Kamal, the host of the Kamal Family Home, exemplary Home for Humanity in Jerusalem. Zahira is a mostextraordinary women leader, whose life has been dedicated to the political liberation of Palestine and, in particular, to theemancipation and empowerment of women, especially from her own home! Zahira is a true role model of living with determination and creating tools to manifest a common vision.

Following, we were introduced to Driss Alaoui Mdhagri from the exemplary Home for Humanity in Casablanca, founder of the internationally active Come to my Home Festival. Driss combines an incredible scope and range of accomplishments, excellence and talents – having worked as professor, head of the country’s leading Politechnic University, as well as a minister with various resorts. Simultaneously, during his entire life, he has always been close to art – and has excelled as a famed poet-performer and accomplished painter.