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15 April 2022: Alexander Schieffer & Rama Mani, featured in Pioneering Pathways Series

Prof. Alexander Schieffer & Dr. Rama Mani, Co-Founders of Home for Humanity, and Co-Editors of Pioneering Pathways introduce "PIONEERING PATHWAYS: from our Destructive Present to a Regenerative Future".


"Today, concerned Earth Citizens everywhere yearn to be actively engaged in responding to the burning challenges of our time. This video speaks directly to Earth Citizens everywhere who are ready and able to co-author a new story and co-create a regenerative future.

The co-authors of Pioneering Pathways constitute a diverse group of changemakers who have come to realise, through their own life experiences, and the crises in their own communities and countries, that this planetary state of emergency is a clarion call for collective emergence.

Pioneering Pathways is not written by an ‘eminent expert panel’ or academic research council, which deliberates, analyses and provides a definitive ‘best’ answer or plan of action. Nor is it a collection of utopian dreamers, removed from the horrors of what is happening in the world. On the contrary, the multiplicity and diversity of contributors are all engaged in the reality of life, and committed to make a contribution to our shared future, whether long-term established leaders or young aspiring agents of transformation. Together, they exemplify the manifold, participatory, innovative and eminently practical ways in which all of us, as Earth citizens, can show up as integral leaders and future builders – at once locally relevant and globally resonant.

Each of the 88 contributors of Pioneering Pathways is a collaborator, co-creator, ally or friend of Home for Humanity: a growing movement of agents of transformation, ‘homes for humanity’ and home-initiated organisations who pioneer ecological, economic, cultural, and societal renewal. ( They share an integral philosophy rooted in the interconnected wholeness and unity of life. They are united by a collective vision, expressed in the ‘Humanity Charter’, of transforming our divided world into a united and regenerative home on Earth. They are part of a wider, growing ‘Earth Family’ of people worldwide who feel a sense of kinship with and commitment to life on Earth, and who collaborate with Home for Humanity.

Pioneering Pathways is Home for Humanity's gift and an open invitation to all concerned Earth citizens.

We invite you to participate in or host Earth Agoras: open creative forums where we can pool our ideas, cross-fertilise our initiatives, and harvest our individual and collective intelligence. Together, we can accelerate and actualise our efforts to transform our unliveable present into a life-affirming future.

And we invite you to tap and multiply the power of your own home or organisation to contribute to planetary transformation. Join our online transformative learning Journey: 'Unleashing the Power of Homes to Pioneer Planetary Regeneration' (, interacting with all the exemplary homes for humanity leading paradigm shift in their societies on all continents."

Please read, download and share your free gift copy of Pioneering Pathways, as well as your feedback at:

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