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1 July 2022: Young Earth Citizens – Demonstrating Pioneering Pathways for a regenerative Future

On the 1st of July 2022: Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of our partner organization

‘Dialogues en Humanite’, this event assembled an outstanding team of

Young Êarth Citizens across all continents, envisioning a regenerative

future for humanity and the earth through creative dialogue,

story-telling, poetry, and song.

From all around the world, young Earth Citizens joined us for a participatory

session in which they shared their visions, their message, and their hopes for a

more regenerative and inclusive future. These young activists all expressed

profound and powerful messages on connection, compassion, creativity, and

collaboration through their dialogues, poetry, story-telling, and song. Participants

from all walks of life, including colleagues, family members, and friends joined us

in sharing their own visions for the future while learning about Home for

Humanity's mission.  We were fortunate to have experienced the beautiful vocals

of Kajsa Liedén from Sweden who led us in song and melody as we reflected on

the beauty of humanity and the earth.

This connective experience allowed for the coming together of compassionate

individuals who are all committed to giving back to humanity and Mother Earth.

We all shared our stories of strength, love, and hope. Through the creative agencies

and outlets expressed, we were able to honor the 20th anniversary of Dialogues en

Humanité by doing our part in co-creating a regenerative future, while connecting

deeply with one another.

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