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Home for Humanity's EARTH AGORA: “Co-Creating Home on Earth with Wisdom Keepers of The Original Nations”

Wed, 21 Dec


Online through ZOOM

Home for Humanity's EARTH AGORA: “Co-Creating Home on Earth with Wisdom Keepers of The Original Nations”

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Time & Location

21 Dec 2022, 18:00 – 20:00

Online through ZOOM

About the Event

You are warmly invited to Home for Humanity’s


“Co-Creating Home on Earth with Wisdom Keepers of The Original Nations”

Marking Winter Solstice and the International Day of Human Solidarity

On Wednesday, 21 December 2022 at 6-8pm CET/ 7-9pm S. Africa / 8-11 am Mexico/ 9-11am PST/ 12-2pm EST /6-8 am NZ/Aotearoa

This event is free and open to the public. You are warmly welcome.

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On all continents, through endless adversities, the Original Nations have preserved their timeless wisdom, knowledge and traditions of the sacredness of the Earth and the unity of creation.  Now, in these perilous times of division and extinction, the representatives of Original Nations have been coming together from diverse parts of the Earth, to put their Original wisdom and visions at the service of our shared future.

In this special Earth Agora marking the Winter Solstice of 2022, we are honored to host the Wisdom Keepers of Original Nations and spiritual lineages who have all been deeply committed and engaged in this joint process of re-activation of the Sacred Sites and wisdom traditions of the Earth. We shall receive their blessings, their visions for our shared future on Earth, and their wisdom insights and lessons on how we can reconnect to the unity intrinsic to our humanity and jointly co-create home on earth.

At this time of profound turmoil, we invite you to share our commitment to transform our divided world into a united home for all life on Earth.  This is the mission of Home for Humanity and the Homes for Humanity Planetary Movement, whose aim is to co-create a regenerative, inclusive, just and joyful Earth Civilization, fuelled by the collective integral vision of the Humanity Charter, crafted jointly by changemakers of diverse ages, cultures and backgrounds on all continents, and informed by Original Wisdom.

This Earth Agora, convened by the Home for Humanity planetary movement, is hosted by Co-Founders Alexander Schieffer and Rama Mani, together with EVOL’s Founder and Wisdom Keeper Rico Paganini.


We are honored to welcome the following Wisdom Keepers from Original Nations and spiritual lineages on all continents:

Name Original Nation/Lineage Country Continent

· Rutendo Ngara Sangoma SA/Zimbabwe  Africa

·  Pooven Moodley  Shiva  SA/India    India

· Kalani Souza Kahuna  Hawaii  Lemuria

· Rick Ferguson Kahuna  Hawaii  Lemuria

· Mindahi Bastida Olmec  Mexico    South America

· Juan Carlos Kaiten Inka  Mexico South America

·  Fernando Ausin Maya  Mexico South America

·  Alvaro Diaz Toltec Mexico    South America

·  Whaia Shelly Emia Maori  NZ/Aotearoa Antarctica

· Angaangaq Inuit Greenland Arctica

·  Jacob Johns Hopi USA North America

·  Erika Sylven Sami Sweden Europe

· Edith Soto Maya  Mexico   Meso America

· Prof. JJ Hurtak Elohim Switzerland  North America

·  Dr. Desiree Hurtak Elohim USA North America

· Rico Paganini Elohim Switzerland Europe

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