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Roberto Hernández Juárez



"I joined the Home for Humanity movement because the next few years leading up to 2030 are crucial for our planet & upcoming generations.

As an Earth Ambassador, I'm dedicated to mobilizing youth to play a pivotal role in driving sustainable change and ensuring a resilient future for all."


Jesús Roberto is a passionate climate activist and dedicated advocate for youth empowerment. As the Director General

of Youth Building the Future Global (YBTFG), he has been instrumental in mobilizing young people across the globe

to take decisive action against climate change. With a strong academic background in sustainability and corporate law, Jesús combines his expertise to drive impactful initiatives and foster inclusive, community-driven solutions. He has represented youth voices at prestigious platforms like COPs, the Paris Peace Forum, and the ICLEI World Congress. Known for his dynamic leadership and commitment to creating a fair and equal society, Jesús Roberto continues to inspire and empower the next generation of climate leaders.



Roberto Hernández Juárez
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