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Kate Cacciatore

UK / France


"For me, Home for Humanity reflects and embodies the heartfelt desire and intention to reconnect ourselves – individually and collectively – with the very source and essence of our shared humanity and our interconnectedness with the planet that sustains us. I am deeply honoured to accept the role of Earth Ambassador, which I feel symbolizes the role each of us can play as stewards of the Earth, its people and diverse cultures, and proponents of that inner wisdom we all have access to when we are aligned with our true selves."


Kate Cacciatore is a Sustainability practitioner with 20 years’ experience as a senior executive in multinational companies and industry initiatives in the Electronics, Finance, Tech and Personal Development sectors. She has a degree and PhD in French literature from University College London, an International Certificate in Organization Management from University of Geneva Business School and is a Certified Practitioner of the Map of Meaning.  Kate has taught courses in Sustainability at different universities and business schools over the years and offers career guidance and coaching for Sustainability professionals.

Kate has a passion for spirituality, mysticism, wisdom traditions and quantum physics, and she is regularly engaged in bold adventures in human consciousness of one form or another. Following her training at the College of Psychic Studies in London she has continued to practice as a psychic/clairvoyant. She draws on these alternative skills and sources of knowledge to explore the next frontiers of Sustainability and the diverse ways in which individuals and organizations are seeking to break through outdated mental, economic, business and organizational models to achieve value fulfilment and positive impact.



Kate Cacciatore
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