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Locally Led In-Country Immersions

Together for the next 7 Generations

Guided by local hosts of Homes for Humanity, we explore,

in creative interactions with citizens of all ages and backgrounds,

our shared question:

“How can we transform our divided world and endangered planet into a united, inclusive and regenerative HOME

for the diverse family of life on Earth?


In every country, the One Home Journey shines light on a few exceptional examples of:

  • paradigm-shifting pioneers, and their regenerative initiatives and enterprises

  • Indigenous and perennial wisdom keepers, eco-cultural communities and sites

  • community cultural centers, and “Earth Artists”, re-envisioning the future

  • local youth and women from marginalized contexts, who receive mentorship to shape their future-building contributing, through the Youth for the Future and the Women for the Earth Fellowships.


The immersion in your country will make a unique contribution to planetary well-being, unity, 

and peace while boosting inclusive future-building in your own country. Your country’s wisdom

will be featured in the Integral Earth Curriculum and all Homes for Humanity will be part

of the Earth Campus.



A Regenerative Integral Agenda

with key learnings harvested for the collectively created Integral Earth Curriculum 

of the One Home UnivEARTHsity, gifted as a Global Knowledge Commons

Up to 7 Days in each Country

*can vary in very small and very large countries

Based on the integral dimensions of life, and the HUmaNITY Charter, how could we learn, in your country, to: 

  1. Regenerate NATURE and Source the UNITY of Life             (Ideally Day 1-2: Monday-Tuesday)

  • Which Natural (or eco-cultural) heritage site is considered most precious and ‘sacred’ by all, where we could start our immersion by witnessing in silence NATURE’s Regenerative Power?

  • Could we meet few revered INDIGENOUS ELDERS, WISDOM CARRIERS or Traditional healers

to honour their perennial wisdom esp about the unity of life, and how to live as an Earth Community?

NB Could we please be hosted for a day/night by this Indigenous community to experience their life?


2. Renew a CULTURE of PEACE through ART               (Ideally on Day 3: Wednesday)

  • Children: 7 Year Olds’ Dreams for 7 Generations: Could we meet with kids for 77 mins to harvest their wishes for & paintings of the future - in an innovative school (that could potentially become a H4H)?

  •  Earth Artistry and Community Cultural Centre: Could we meet a community cultural centre (which could potentially be recognised as a H4H), which assembles few “Earth Artists” to showcase their artworks that reimagine our future (for a planetary  exhibition).

    • NB: Could one or few such earth artists/musicians please co-perform with us at the Earth Agora?

    • NB: Could a public screening of & interactive dialogue on the Home for Humanity movie be hosted,  during our visit or in advance, (onsite &/or on tv) to raise interest and invite the public to join the Earth Agora?


3. Transforming EDUCATION for planetary well-being               (Ideally Day 4: Thursday)

  • Host the Fellowship Intensives: We request you (or an appropriate partner H4H organisation you select)

to kindly host a one-day intensive programme for the Youth for the Future and Women for the Earth fellows

(both in 1 venue, or in 2 nearby but separate venues – eg Youth Fellows in a partner university and women Fellows

in a partner women’s organisation)

4. Pioneering FUTURE BUILDING               (Ideally Day 5: Friday)

  • A Pioneer Online Call with you as an exemplary Home for Humanity that is pioneering an integral future (77min), “live at the Home for Humanity”, for One Home UnivEARTHsity participants from around the world to learn, engage, and be inspired.

  • Visiting one or two outstanding Integral Pioneers you recommend, who could be recognised

as Homes for Humanity and invited to join our planetary community (including short video recording).


5. Fulfilling our Humanity in UNITY with all Life               (Ideally Day 6: Saturday)

Could we bring all your society’s wisdom, visions and voices for the Future together on the final day: 

  • EARTH AGORA for the entire society: where we share the One Home Journey so far through an interactive performance and collective dialogue, and share the outcomes from your country.

  • Unity Park: collectively initiating a Unity Park dedicated to Unity and Peace with Nature & between All Cultures, where we heal the past and seed our visions and commitments for the future;

  • Earth Call : we culminate with a 77 min planetary online call for the One Home UnivEARTHsity, where 7 of your country’s wisdom keepers and pioneers, including you, share their distilled responses to the central question of how your country contributes uniquely to transform our world into a united, inclusive and regenerative HOME for all life, and each of your creative insights, wisdom and messages to the world for our shared future. Thereafter, global participants connect and interact online with local participants, as we experience ourselves as a growing Earth family.



As we all assume joint stewardship, distributed leadership and shared ownership
of the One Home Journey/UnivEARTHsity, could we request you to kindly:

  • (i) Invite Participants and Benefactors: please widely spread the news of the One Home Journey and One Home UnivEARTHsity, invite people to participate in whichever programme interests them, to offer gifts if they are able and willing in support of fellowships, and to join the onsite immersion programmes


  • (ii) Select Youth for the Future and Women for the Earth Fellows: Could you propose up to 25 highly motivated youth emerging from marginalisation, and 25 women emerging from violence and oppression, who have the aspiration and potential to become integral leaders,  from your own community and from around your country (eg with partner organisations)

As part of their Fellowship, they could register now to start the 12-month Mother Earth DiplHome of 1HU already on 21 Sept 2024, to co-learn, co-innovate and co-create the future with peers locally & worldwide.

  • Shape Country Immersion: Of course and most important, could you please shape the country immersion as you see best, together with your trusted fellow-visionary friends and partners in your country, and host us when we come.

  • Publicity and Media: in advance before our arrival, during the Week, & at the Earth Agora

    • Could you perhaps give an advance press interview, write a news article/press release, to  raise public awareness and interest?

    • Could you perhaps put out a news announcement, to invite the public to the Earth Agora?

    • During our Immersion week, could interviews on tv, radio or with print journalists, or a press conference with you and us together, be organised?


Further Background Information

Home to Home, as a gift economy of hospitality and shared abundance:

As per the One Home Journey’s philosophy and practice of a gift economy, we only travel home to home, to experience hospitality and sharing, never to hotels. We hope this is possible. Likewise, we request you and your partners /colleagues hosting us to kindly support us in being transported from one home venue to the next, to avoid or minimise commercial transport – and to enable, to the degree possible, that hosts will be connected to each other.

(We are traveling with an absolutely minimal travel budget, to devote maximum resources to covering Fellowships and costs of the One Home UnivEARTHsity, but of course, wherever there is a financial constraint in hosting us, we shall of course make a modest contribution to cover our accommodation and travel costs, and ensure that no one is inconvenienced or out of pocket for their kind hospitality in hosting or transporting us)


Conscious Vegetarian Food: We (Alexander and Rama) are both vegetarian and it is our aspiration to eat simple home-made vegetarian ideally organically produced local food, that enables us to taste the unique typical and diverse traditional cuisines, of your country and to sample the typical grains, vegetables and produce of your country, including all typical dishes if they could kindly be cooked without meat and just with vegetables, grains and any local meat-substitute. For this reason, and if possible, we would also love to be hosted at least part of the time in a rural/urban farm growing its own organic food, so that meeting our dietary needs is easy for our hosts

(We will be writing a short article/reflection in each country about what vegetarian traditional nutritious local cuisines consists of, and will share this with the UNDP’s Conscious Food Systems CoFSA programme.)


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