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Our Earth home is on fire. Human civilisation needs transformation.
Our future depends on our humanity...

... and the call of our time is to come home…


... to the inner home of our humanity,

to realize our purpose and potential as agents of transformation. 


... to the homes we inhabit,

to make them seedbeds for ecological and societal regeneration.


... to the Earth home we share, 

to uphold each culture and lifeform for its unique contribution to an inclusive Earth civilization. 


Together, we can transform our divided world  

into a united home for the indivisible family of life.

This is the mission of Home for Humanity.

Hillside landscape

About: Home for Humanity

Image by Javier Miranda

Home for Humanity Movement for Planetary Regeneration initiates the ONE HOME JOURNEY (2023 to 2030)

together with Global Partner Organisations

Vital Updates

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The One Home Journey

is a collective future-building expedition to all countries on Earth

to transform our divided world into a united home for humanity

and for the diversity of life on our Home Planet

- Discover More - about the One Home Journey

Aerial Forest


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