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Worldbeat Cultural Center



Makeda "Dread" Cheatom


Worldbeat Cultural Center


Cultural Diversity and Inclusion

Number of People Impacted to-date (approx.)

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Inner Home:  Finding meaning and fulfilling purpose in service to community and society.

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Local Home: Renewing community and culture through integral purpose-based initiatives/livelihoods.

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Earth  Home is:  Fuelling systems change and collectively co-creating ‘home on Earth’.

Short Profile

Founded in 1984 by Executive Director, Makeda Dread in San Diego, CA. WorldBeat Cultural Center serves the community, as a performing arts center for classes and showcasing, museum, gift shop, cafe and outdoor classroom.

Integral Model to Whole-Systems Change

Integral Model Kumusha


Dedicated to promoting, presenting and preserving the African Diaspora and Indigenous cultures of the world through Music, Art, Dance, Multi-Media Arts, Education, and STEAM Research.


For over 23 years it’s doors have been open every day to all people, regardless of color or creed, as a place to celebrate all cultures, all art, all music, all dance, and all people.

Fields of Activity

Community Empowerment, Ecological Restoration, Indigenous Wisdom

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Makeda "Dread" Cheatom,CEO and Founder

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