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Wake Well Beings



Kajsa Lieden


Wake Well Beings


Integrative Health Coaching

Number of People Impacted to-date (approx.)

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Inner Home

To provide one-on-one coaching and group offerings, such as classes and courses, to nurture an integrative approach to health, healing, empowerment, consciousness elevation and future-building with the aim of creating ripple effects into these peoples lives which thereby effects the people around them and the systems they’re active in.

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Local Home

Work with local organisations and their members with a specific focus on women and people who suffer from stress and trauma. Further, my partner and I are exploring starting up a local place in Ladakh to offer courses, retreats and applying the model. The place is located on high altitude in the Himalayas and offers the possibility to host people. We envision a place where people can stay, work remotely, while simultaneously experiencing the closeness to nature, the support of community and integrating the education and practices we offer.

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Earth  Home

As part of Home for Humanity, the contribution here is to offer these services to the community and support special programmes.

Short Profile

Wake Well-Beings is a platform for self-awareness, well-being, self-exploration and evolving into the fullness of our being. We focus on integrative health, stress & trauma healing, life coaching, neuro-scientific methods and ancient inner practices to empower ourselves to create a life of harmony in alignment with our deepest intentions, vitality, purpose and capacities.

Integral Model to Whole-Systems Change

Integral Model Kumusha


Aspiring to inspire the combination of inner healing work with outer work that supports a liveable future.


Fields of Activity

Transformative Education, Integrative Health, Women for the Earth

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Kajsa Lieden

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