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The Himalayan Rilung Foundation





The Himalayan Rilung Foundation


Re-defining education & its systems

Number of People Impacted to-date (approx.)


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Inner Home:  Finding meaning and fulfilling purpose in service to community and society.

Transformative ethical and skill learning to enable respect for diversity and humility and enable a deep connect to the inner being and natural environment.

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Local Home: Renewing community and culture through integral purpose-based initiatives/livelihoods.

Focus on local and Himalayan youth empowerment and leadership to enable ecological and social action in the Himalayan region.

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Earth  Home is:  Fuelling systems change and collectively co-creating ‘home on Earth’.

Understanding of inter-dependence and common humanity through a universal ethical learning component that works towards fostering a deep commitment to the well-being of the Earth.

Short Profile

The Himalayan Rilung Foundation based in Himachal Pradesh, India was set up in 2022 to fulfil the dream of transforming the human world through a different way and kind of learning; one that dismantles and questions conventional education. Mountainwind is its core experiential and creative learning programme that combines heart, mind, hand and land skill learning to reconnect us to our forest roots. The Foundation also aims to strengthen Himalayan connections across all national boundaries.

Integral Model to Whole-Systems Change

Integral Model Kumusha


Facilitating a specially curated small scale global learning programme and community that focuses on inter-generational experiential skill learning with an ethical component and seeks to re-capture the spirit of ancient indigenous Himalayan systems of life-skill community learning in a current context. A multi-skill learning of mind, hand and land skills in a single Course structure that embodies and brings an understanding of our deep connect to Nature.


As we are still on the runaway, the impact to date is hard to pinpoint but the Community Youth Programme took off with our leadership camp in 2023, which did have a significant attendance and made inroads into initiating the local youth of our area. The Community Youth Club created thereafter, around the library and documentary film screenings has initiated discussions around social and ecological issues, which is the goal and meets on two Sundays a month .

Fields of Activity

Community Empowerment, Transformative Education, Cultural Heritage Celebration, Earth Artistry

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