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Integral Leewah Revolution



Linda Leogah Forkwa


Integral Leewah Revolution


Repairing Conflict-afflicted Communities

Number of People Impacted to-date (approx.)

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Inner Home:  Finding meaning and fulfilling purpose in service to community and society.

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Local Home: Renewing community and culture through integral purpose-based initiatives/livelihoods.

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Earth  Home is:  Fuelling systems change and collectively co-creating ‘home on Earth’.

Short Profile

Reintegration of Male Teen Drug Addicts and Introducing Purposeful Lewaah (Learning/Education) In Mutengene. The Integral Lewaah Revolution seeks to redress the issue of drugs, trafficking and
abuse among male youths and introduce purposeful education to the inhabitants of Mutengene.

Integral Model to Whole-Systems Change

Integral Model Kumusha


Burning passion to contribute, rebuilding and transforming the lives of the people of Mutengene


Fields of Activity

Peace-Building, Community Empowerment, Youth for the Future, Women for the Earth, Integral Economy, Transformative Education

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Linda Leogah Forkwa

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