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Integral Kumusha




Christina Taranhike

Dr. Daud Taranhike


Integral Kumusha


Ubuntu-based Community Empowerment

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Inner Home

Creating an empowered inheritance and great legacy for future generations, based in the values of Ubuntu.

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Local Home

Restoring an economic system based on indigenous cultural practices, combined with exogenous knowledge.

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Earth  Home

Moving rural communities from poverty to prosperity (P2P), contributing positively to national socio-economic development in harmony with the entire ecosystem.

Short Profile

The Integral Kumusha is a community-based enterprise for the eradication and regeneration of rural livelihoods and a National Rural Model Homestead, pioneering Nhakanomics. It offers an alternative to the western corporate enterprise that emphasises technology and business without nature and culture.

Integral Model to Whole-Systems Change

Integral Model Kumusha


Home-grown social innovation that eradicates poverty by transforming traditional rural homesteads into unique economic entities, grounded in nature and culture, with a technological and entrepreneurial reach.


On the 8th of December 2021, the Integral Kumusha was officially commissioned as a National Model Rural Homestead by the Honourable Minister of ICT, Post and Courier Services. Her Excellency, the First Lady of the Republic of Zimbabwe awarded \"Mai Chimuti\" as the best farmer in Manicaland Province.

Fields of Activity

Agriculture, Community Empowerment, Integral Economy, Women for the Earth

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