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Sujata Khandekar

Mumtaz Shaikh & Rahul Gaware




Grassroots Community Leadership

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People Impacted

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Inner Home

Fostering identity and mindset shifts: from low self-esteem and experienced victimhood to impactful change-makers and community leaders.

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Local Home

Pioneering a local community initiative whose members support each other in the process from individual empowerment to collective empowerment to impactful co-creation.

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Earth  Home

Raising awareness of systemic oppression, ensuring freedom of speech and expression, educating young people in order to break their generational perpetuation.

Short Profile

CORO and the Savitri Women's Federation are pioneering grassroots leadership for equality and justice by empowering people in the most marginalised communities. By leading collective action for social change, CORO is changing the paradigm of power in Indian society - from power within, to power with, to power to.

Integral Model to Whole-Systems Change

Integral Model Kumusha


Together, they empower especially women from low-income communities to act against violence and stand together in solidarity. People who empower themselves beyond their immediate realities become a lighthouse and role model for many others.


While constitutional rights provide intellectual confidence, the collective fosters a shared narrative of mutual support across diverse backgrounds. CORO's integral approach inspires a shift in mindset from powerlessness to impactful change-makers.

Fields of Activity

Women for the Earth, Community Empowerment

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Rahul Gaware, Programme Manager

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