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Rosita & Pepa / Grandma's March



Monica Jaramillo


Rosita & Pepa / Grandma's March


Revive the Ancestral Feminine Wisdom

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Inner Home:  Finding meaning and fulfilling purpose in service to community and society.

By delving into ancestral feminine wisdom and the nurturing essence of the Grand Mother archetype, the project encourages individuals to connect deeply with their inner selves. It promotes personal healing and growth, inviting participants to explore their roots, traditions, and stories.

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Local Home: Renewing community and culture through integral purpose-based initiatives/livelihoods.

Rosita & Pepa and Grandma's March emphasize the importance of community through the celebration of collective heritage and shared wisdom. By creating spaces for storytelling, knowledge exchange, and cultural practices, they strengthen community bonds and foster a sense of belonging.

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Earth  Home is:  Fuelling systems change and collectively co-creating ‘home on Earth’.

The project aligns ancestral wisdom with contemporary issues of sustainability and environmental stewardship, highlighting how traditional practices can contribute to the health of our planet. By advocating for a harmonious relationship with nature and emphasizing the importance of regeneration, Rosita & Pepa position Mother Earth, as our ultimate home.

Short Profile

Rosita & Pepa is a heartfelt tribute to ancestral feminine wisdom, inspired by our Colombian grandmothers. It's a platform and space that connects people to the Grand Mother archetype, celebrating grandmothers' legacies and ancestral practices. Through the annual "Grandma's March" event, it weaves a global narrative in three languages, offering talks and stories that explore our roots, nature, and traditions. It invites everyone to rediscover life's essence, and inspire the future generations.

Integral Model to Whole-Systems Change

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The Rosita & Pepa project and Grandma's March event innovate by leveraging digital platforms to globally preserve, celebrate and revitalize ancestral feminine wisdom. They uniquely integrate multicultural and multilingual elements, making diverse traditions and stories accessible to a wider audience. By reimagining the Grand Mother archetype, we offer a holistic view of femininity that transcends biological ties, emphasizing community, sustainability, and the nurturing aspects of wisdom keepers. These initiatives foster interactive, collaborative learning environments where participants share and grow together. Connects ancestral practices with contemporary environmental sustainability and regeneration, showcasing traditional wisdom as vital to addressing modern challenges.


We have interviewed more than 83 guest speakers (wisdom keepers), from more than 22 countries, impacting more than 1150 followers in Social Media (Instagram, Youtube and Facebook) and participants in the Grandma's March event.

Fields of Activity

Cultural Heritage Celebration, Community Empowerment, Indigenous Wisdom

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