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Arjuna Hiffler Mani

Organisation, Position

Gandiva MediArts, Founder


Short Bio

I like to consider myself a Philosopher-Artist-Manager, on a mission to facilitate impactful cultural projects, support artists and creatives in learning to identify their targets and reach them… together finding ways of meaningfully re-connecting culture and society, in a world in crisis.

Focus / Initiative

Gandiva MediArts believes in the power of Arts and Culture to play a crucial role in this changing world. We offer pluridisciplinary, intercultural, sustainable services to artists, creatives and cultural organisations looking into the future.

Vision Statement for 2030

Arjuna Hiffler Mani

"'The way we look at others imprisons them within their narrowest allegiances. And that same look can also set them free.' - Amin Maalouf"

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