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9 July 2023: Dialogues en Humanité- Home for Humanity invited to participate in the 20th Anniversary

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Dialogues en Humanité, a leading mobiliser for citizen dialogue and widespread citizen participation, initiated in Lyon, but grown into a global network-initiative celebrated its 20th Anniversary with thousands of participants from around the world in Lyon’s Parc de La Tête d’Or. Home for Humanity, a longstanding partner organisation of Dialogues-en-Humanité, proudly participated in this anniversary event, which focused in 2023 on “Transforming Conflicts to Avoid Violence and War”.

Home for Humanity actively engaged in a number of AGORAS – open-creative facilitated dialogue spaces for everyone to join. We were also invited to do a transformative closing performance on the final evening of the three day event from July 7 to July 9. Employing Theatre of Transformation and Transformative Poetry, the performance took the audience, artistically, on the ONE HOME JOURNEY – visiting Homes for Humanity on four continents.

Local partner organisation PAPIVOLE led by Edith Lejeune, together with her husband, Arnaud Lejeune

Of particular signifance for Home for Humanity France was, that our local partner organisation PAPIVOLE from the Haut Valromey, led by Edith Lejeune, together with her husband, Arnaud Lejeune, participated in this year’s Dialogues-en-Humanité. Edith and Arnaud built up a most artistic VISION TREE, activately inviting participants to create their own creative image and future vision to be connected to this ever growing tree. The workshop given by Edith and Arnaud supported participants in their own artistic expression and was highly appreciated. The final Vision Tree became, as a beautiful art piece in itself, a powerful visual addition to the concluding performance, led by Home for Humanity. Merci a Edith et Arnaud Lejeune - et a PAPIVOLE de HAUT VALROMEY.

This year’s Dialogue en Humanité showed a strong presence of visitors from Africa, Middle East and South America – in addition to Europe. Strengthened by Youth participation, and many participants from marginalized communites in society, including potent artistic performances, Dialogues-en-Humanité demonstrated, once again, the significance of such open dialogue spaces that invite critical and constructive conversations and engagement.

Under the crucial co-stewardship of Geneviève Ancel from Lyon and her national and international team of co-creators, the past twenty years of engaged Citizens Dialogue in France, Brazil, India, Senegal, Benin, Switzerland and many other countries showcased not only the immense contribution such dialogue forums can make to society and to local-global dialogue, but also provided vital pointers towards the future of citizens networks in shaping societal and global institutions and governance.

Home for Humanity is highly committed to nourish this partnership with Dialogues-en-Humanité further – and is currently exploring concrete co-engagement of the Dialogues-en-Humanité and its global network with the planetary alliance of Homes for Humanity and the One Home Journey.

Watch this space!

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