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6 July 2023: Local Montessori School celebrates nature at Home for Humanity’s Unity Park

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

The famous Montessori School in the neighbouring town of Champagne en Valromey

chose to hold the fascinating year-end performance by all their 75 students at the Integral Home Campus of the Home for Humanity movement. The theme of the students work and performances this semester was all around harmony with nature, in this unique school that focuses on teaching children about ecology and the diversity of cultures. Thus the dynamic and enterprising School Director Isabelle Jaillard selected Home for Humanity’ s Unity Park as an ideal location, with its Gaia Culture Installation by UNESCO Peace Artist Marko Pogacnik and the planting of trees by Home for Humanity’s co-creators from different continents to represent the diverse cultures on earth and the unique values and gifts of each culture for our shared future.

The performances were designed as a perambulation through nature with different

scenes spread out in different locations. Different groups of children of diverse ages

performed theatre, dance, poetry and songs in various languages, in nature settings

chosen specifically for each scene. One surprising venue for example was the choice of the Bell tent to represent the innards of the Trojan Horse, with young actors plotting the scene inside the tent-horse invisible to the audience, while parents listened from the outside. The delighted parents, grandparents, friends and teachers perambulated from location to location with avid attention. The session culminated with local Indian-French storyteller Rajni Chopra enrapturing the children and adults with a story from Rajasthan about the indigenous people who preserve trees to prevent desertification. The evening ended with a celebratory shared buffet around the Unity Park and Gaia culture installation, with children, parents and teachers enjoying the unique beauty of the Park and its panoramic vistas.

It was a delightful event, which aligned well with Home for Humanity’s mission, with the Montessori school’s focus on nature and culture. We shall look forward to continued collaboration with this special school as the One Home Journey unfolds!

Visit the Montessori School:

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