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24 October 2022: Integral Women Leaders graduate with TRANS4M PhD, awarded by Da Vinci Institute.

Four Women leaders have successfully graduated with their ‘Integral’ Doctorate at Da Vinci Institute, South Africa, in partnership with Home for Humanity’s TRANS4M Academy for Integral Transformation.

What joy! After years of undergoing a profound research-to-innovation process, with immense immersion in local context and culture, and, in each case, together with a strong innovation ecosystem of co-creators on the ground, four groundbreaking PhD journeys were celebrated at an impressive Graduation Ceremony in the premises of the Da Vinci Institute, in Modderfontein, near Johannesburg.

Mayyada Abu-Jaber, Jordan: Emancipating Women in Jordan via an Integral Framework for a Regenerative Ecofeminist Economy

Raghda Butros, Jordan: Qafilat al-Hikma wal Taharur: Integral Wisdom for Embodied Healing and Collective Regeneration in Bilad al-Sham

Lanre Kazeem-Abimbola, Nigeria: African Integral Communipreneurship Education (AICE), in the Ajegunle community in Lagos

Sister Esther Shebi, Nigeria: Integral Fertility - A Holistic Approach to Women Empowerment and Social Transformation in and for Africa

All four outstanding and impact-oriented PhDs took place under the supervision of Prof. Alexander Schieffer. Schieffer stressed in his keynote speech at the graduation ceremony in Johannesburg the particular importance of women in driving collective transformation processes towards regenerative solutions – in our postcolonial, neopatriarchal and resource-depleting times.

Together with these four women leaders, two additional PhD theses were celebrated, within the Da Vinci TRANS4M partnership:

  • Phiri “Smart” Zongololo, Malawi: Communiversity - An Innovation Ecosystem Approach to Economic Development for Africa

  • Wellington Mutyanda, Zimbabwe: Towards Integral Social-Technical Development - A Community-Based Approach to Technology Development in Africa

Heartfelt congratulations to all six “PhD Innovators” from the entire Home for Humanity and Trans4m Community!

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