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22 April 2022: Thais Corral, Brazil, featured in Pioneering Pathways Series

We are honored to share with you all a video by Thais Corral; a social innovator, ecological activist, and women’s rights activist. Thais Corral is a founding family member of Home for Humanity, and Sinal do Vale, the organisation she founded, has been officially launched as a Home for Humanity in Brazil.


We warmly welcome you to watch this brief introduction by Thais Corral, in which she invites us to the beauty and innovation that is Sinal Do Vale. Corral introduces us to a new way of learning that can inspire positive change and transformation in our communities, while building long-lasting and positive relationships.

Sinal do Vale serves as a campus for regeneration that supports and builds change-agents through multiple forms of learning and acquiring knowledge. Located in the Mata Atlantica, in the hinterland of Rio De Janeiro, in a valley that was once a coffee plantation, Sinal Do Vale was created by Corral as a regeneration campus for nature, and for individuals from all different backgrounds. At Sinal Do Vale, the learning community of highly committed change agents welcomes individuals from diverse nationalities, educational and socioeconomic backgrounds to come together and embrace self-expression, multiple forms of knowledge, and action learning – and to work jointly on the regeneration of ecosystems and on the reforestation of the region. At Sinal, people are enabled and guided through an innovative, integral and transformative approach to learning.

We hope you enjoy this video and are inspired by Sinal’s vision of an interrelated, integral world, supported by a web of regenerative campi.

Sinal do Vale will be one of the pathbreaking exemplary Homes for Humanity, which we are going to visit during our Online Transformative Co-Learning Journey starting on 15 May.

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