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13 May 2023: Home for Humanity participates in “The Awakening World” Show

The Awakening World Show is a regular online show focussing on the “Relationship between each other and the Earth. It is initiated and curated by Scott Catamas, the founder of the Global Peace Tribe.

This particular show was co-hosted by Rev. Deborah Moldow, Director of the Evolutionary Leaders, and Scott Catamas, and explored with its rich set of guests the emerging Holomovement, and the role that each one of them is intending to play in it.

Home for Humanity’s co-founders Alexander Schieffer and Rama Mani expressed the profound resonance of the Home for Humanity Movement with the Holomovement, in that both uniquely bring change agents and pioneering organisations across all continents into collective co-creation for integral solutions that contribute to a regenerative, life-affirming, and inclusive Earth Civilization. Furthermore, we see our upcoming One Home Journey as an accelerator also for the Holomovement.

Enjoy this recording of the show and meet inspiring guest speakers Clare and Mark Dubois; Zenka Caro; Anneloes Smitsman … and relish in the music of Antoinette Rootsdawtah and The Awakening World “house musical artist” Omarshah.

Stay tuned. Home for Humanity will be again on Scott Catamas’ show on June 11 (invitation to come soon). In the meantime, do explore Scott’s in- and trans-formative shows at

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