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How do we respond to the monumental toll of suffering, grotesque global inequity, and planetary emergency, exacerbated by the war in Ukraine, and its devastating consequences for our future?


Pioneering Pathways: from our Destructive Present to a Regenerative Future:

is the joint response of 92 integral changemakers from 43 countries, aged 7 to 9, associated with Home for Humanity, to today's burning question: How do we transform our divided world into an inclusive, regenerative home for the family of life on Earth?


Pioneering Pathways is more than a publication: it is an open invitation to all concerned Earth citizens and changemakers everywhere to shape and share your own pathways for our common future on Earth. 


Pioneering Pathways is available right here in English and French for you to view on screen or to download for free and share with your friends and communities to inspire and support your initiatives for transformation. It is also available for purchase on Amazon in various countries ( See the links below )

Available in Paperback or Kindle format

Disponible sur Amazon 

"This is OUR story, with each page, each chapter, co-authored by all of us, people everywhere who yearn to believe that there is a new world coming, and they are a part of it."

- Foreword by Jean Houston, USA, Co-Founder, Human Potential Movement

"Each compelling contribution is a building block towards a common vision of a human community that no longer suffers from the apartheid of abundance, the scourge of otherness, and the wounds of painful pasts that continue to stain and strain our human condition."

- Foreword by Youssef Mahmoud, former Head of UN Peace Operations in Central Africa

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"Pioneering Pathways by Home for Humanity is a wake up call for the silent majority among us that can play an effective role in redefining priorities."

- Endorsement by Donato Kiniger-Passigli, Vice President, World Academy of Arts & Sciences




"We need peace! We have to start from zero & redo everything. Everything must be reorganized!" - Olia, Age 7, France


"Ukraine affects us all because of Ubuntu: I am because you are." - Pops Mohamed, iconic Jazz musician, S. Africa


"The world must be humanized. Because of the world's silence, I, a senior Supreme Court Judge, was deprived of my rights, targeted by Taliban, and fled my homeland with my elderly disabled mother.” - Homa Alizoy, Afghan Judge


"The obligation to enable justice and better human lives is both an opportunity and a privilege, in the political arena."

- Haifa Najjar, Minister of Culture, Jordan


"The inherent abundance and resilience of Nature offers us creative solutions to our current problems."

- Thais Corral, Founder, SINAL Regenerative Campus, Brazil

We invite you to listen to these statements to be introduced to Pioneering Pathways
by Jean Houston, Youssef Mahmoud, Alexander Schieffer & Rama Mani

Visit and subscribe to the Pioneering Pathways Youtube Playlist

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We hope that this kaleidoscope of ideas, experiences, initiatives, intentions and images you now survey, at once concrete and evocative, expressed with such immediacy, authenticity and originality, will arouse your interest and support your own conscious co-creation.


This book is Home for Humanity's gift and open invitation to all concerned Earth citizens to pool our ideas, cross-fertilise our initiatives, and accelerate our efforts to align, connect and join forces across all borders of age, culture, discipline and metier, to transform our unliveable present into a life-affirming future.


We invite each of you to become a co-author and co-pioneer

of the pathways to transformation.

Please share your feedback, and your own response to this burning question!

Let us know if you'd like to join our next transformative process for integral leaders 

to co-create 'Home on Earth'! 

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