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Blooming Humanity Artwork by Ama Nyarko Jones 2021_edited.jpg

As an Earth Family Member

you become part of a living dynamic ecosystem
of integral changemakers and
future builders
of diverse cultures, backgrounds and ages
committed to transforming our divided world
into a united home for humanity.

Blooming Humanity Artwork by Ama Nyarko Jones 2021_edited.jpg

 “Blooming Humanity” Artwork by Ama Nyarko Jones, Uganda-Ghana-Germany


There is no prescribed membership  fee. 

Instead, we welcome your voluntary contribution of a gift of your choice:


A gift of 177 Euros/USD or equivalent would contribute, for example, to a Scholarship

for a 7-week Earth Citizen Course of the One Home UnivEARTHsity.

-  A gift of 77 Euros/USD would fund, for example, the “tree of life” planting in a Unity Park
that we initiate in every country during the One Home Journey.

-  As an Earth Family member, your gift could also simply be to spread the vision and work

of Home for Humanity and the One Home Journey in your circles and to invite your friends,
family and colleagues to join the Earth Family. 

Become an Earth Family Member

We would like to welcome you, as a new Earth Family member, and feature you

on the Home for Humanity website

with your photograph, and your 7 year VISION STATEMENT for 2030, as we embark

on the One Home Journey – 7 Years for 7 Generations:
My vision for our shared Earth home in 2030 is ….

I am glad to be an Earth Family member of the Home for Humanity community and the One

Home Journey because ....

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