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Locally Led In-Country Immersions -

Together for the next 7 Generations

Guided by local hosts of Homes for Humanity, we explore,

in creative interactions with citizens of all ages and backgrounds,

our shared question:

“How do we live in harmony and wellbeing

as a diverse family of life on our One Home Earth,

for present and future generations?”


In every country, the One Home Journey shines light on a few exceptional examples of:

  • Indigenous and perennial wisdom keepers, eco-cultural communities and sites

  • paradigm-shifting pioneers, and their regenerative initiatives and enterprises

  • community cultural centers, and “Earth Artists”, re-envisioning the future

Local youth and women from marginalized contexts receive mentorship to shape

their future-building contributing, through the Youth for the Future

and the Women for the Earth Fellowships.

The One Home Journey welcomes, inspires, and connects Earth Citizens, locally and globally,

to contribute to a world of wellbeing that is a shared home for the diverse family of life.


in a glance

Up to 7 Days in each Country

*can vary in very small and very large countries

A Regenerative Integral Agenda


Listening to Nature and Indigenous-perennial wisdom voices


Tapping into Cultural Wealth and Earth Artistry


Transforming Education

  • includes Intensive with Youth for the Future and Women for the Earth Fellows


Co-Creating with Regeneration Pioneers

UNITY DAY / EARTH AGORA (always Saturdays)

Harvesting together

  • including a “77min for 7 Generations” global broadcast from each country

  • including inauguration of local Unity Parks


  • includes Honouring, Recognizing and Initiating Homes for Humanity

SEKEM Logo.png

Inauguration Week


in more detail

The 7 day in-country immersion, adapted to each country's cultural context and needs, includes:

Revering THE EARTH: to Regenerate Nature

  • By attuning to each country's unique, fragile yet resilient geography, biodiversity and sacred sites, in silence.

  • In co-creation with: Indigenous communities, ecovillages and ecological movements,

Honoring INDIGENOUS AND LOCAL ELDERS: to Re-Ignite our Humanity in Unity

  • through Deep listening-learning on traditional peacemaking, well-being and governance, especially in crisis.

  • In co-creation with: traditional elders, Indigenous, local and grassroots communities

Enabling WOMEN FOR THE EARTH: to Revive Earth Community

  • By Strengthening women leaders who restore the past, re-story the present and regenerate the future.

  • In co-creation with: women's movements, women-led initiatives, enterprises and organisations.

Mentoring YOUNG EARTH CITIZENS: to Transform Education and innovate knowledge

  • By mentoring youth to fulfill their purpose & potential through initiatives to serve societal & planetary needs.

  • In co-creation with: universities, schools, youth movements.

Championing INTEGRAL HOMES FOR HUMANITY: to Pioneer Regenerative Futures

  • By expanding the exponential ripple effect of homes for humanity led by women, youth and changemakers. 

  • In co-creation with: local homes for humanity, innovative enterprises, new economic role models. 

Fostering EARTH ARTISTRY: to Renew a Culture of Peace and Integrity

  • By unleashing the power of Art and creativity for human awakening and cultural renaissance

  • In co-creation with: local artists, community art groups, cultural centres, museums, schools 

Catalysing EARTH AGORAS: to Co-Create an Inclusive Earth Civilization as humanity in unity

  • By curating an Earth Book of 'our common story', comprising Earth citizens' individual & collective visions of how their country and our world can be transformed into a 'home for humanity and the diversity of life'. 

  • In co-creation with: local country hosts

The Historic Planetary Inauguration Ceremony held onsite at Sekem, Egypt, and online worldwide

on 22 April, Mother Earth Day, was addressed by renowned leaders of the outstanding global organisations and social movements who are partnering with the One Home Journey,

and by the pioneering founders of Homes for Humanity organisations on all continents. 

SEKEM - Immersion Week

INAUGURAL WEEK: AN INTEGRAL IMMERSION of “7 Days for 7 Generations” 

The Inaugural Week in Sekem, Egypt was a powerful prototype
of the One Home Journey’s
integral immersion week in every country, engaging concerned Earth citizens to create together an inclusive, regenerative, peaceful, just and joyful future for all life on Earth. 

 Sunset over the Desert at Sekem's Wahat Oasis Farm

Earth Agora Historic Inauguration - onsite at Sekem & online worldwide.jpg

Earth Agora Historic Inauguration - onsite at Sekem & online worldwide

This Inaugural week in Sekem showcased

the exponential power of the proposed Integral Immersive experience of '7 Days for 7 Generations' 

that the One Home Journey will offer in every country on Earth over the next 7 years. 


sekem pegions.jpg

Deep Listening to Nature and Indigenous Wisdom

NATURE Inauguration of Unity Park.jpg

Inauguration of Unity Park



Dance Performance,

'Space of Culture', honoured as Home for Humanity

A music performance by the Egyptian musicians of the Sekem Quartet .jpg

 Egyptian musicians of the Sekem Quartet 

seven year olds.jpg

'7 Year olds' Dreams for 7 Generations' at Sekem School

Desired Future” of one of the 7 year olds.jpg

"Desired Future” by one of the 7 year olds

Transformative Education

movie sekem.jpg

H4H Movie Screening at Heliopolis University

Hend Hany of Egyptian Biodynamic Association addressing the Inauguration

of One Home UnivEARTHsity at Heliopolis University on 21 April,

International Day of Creativity and Innovation.

Dr. Youssef Mahmoud with HU President Prof. Gouda Helal

Transformative Education Youth for the Future Seminar at Heliopolis University.jpg

Youth for the Future Seminar at Heliopolis University

Women for the Earth Workshop at Heliopolis University.jpg

Women for the Earth Workshop at Heliopolis University

Future Building


Morning Circle: SEKEM

Helmy .jpg

Sekem’s CEO and Regeneration Pioneer Helmy Abouleish showcasing crop innovation at Sekem’s Wahat Farm

SEKEM Logo.png

SEKEM's integral development model is based on the Economy of Love. It includes regenerative biodynamic farming practices to green the desert and empower farmers, innovative integral enterprises, integral health centre, schools and the Heliopolis University for sustainable development. Sekem

has received the Right Livelihood Award or Alternative Nobel Prize, the Business for Peace Prize

and innumerable other awards.

Unity: Earth Agora

Earth Agora Historic Inauguration - onsite at Sekem & online worldwide.jpg

Earth Agora Historic Inauguration - onsite at Sekem & online worldwide


The One Home Journey 2024-2030: 7 Years for 7 Generations was officially inaugurated

with a 7-day launch in Egypt, starting on International Mother Earth Day, 22 April 2024.

This visionary and inclusive future-building expedition to every country on Earth has been described

as “a planetary journey to the rescue of the 2030 Agenda” by UN Today.

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